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Anyone Take Ginkgo Biloba?


Received a free bottle of this stuff, anyone else supplement with this? If so how did it go?


It gave me headaches


I used to take Poliquin's Fast Brain 2.0 which I loved, it had ginkgo in there, but a bunch of other shit too. Per capsule it was:

Ginkgo Biloba (standardized 24% ginkoflavonglycosides and 6% terpone lactones) 120 mg

So I got anywhere from 120-240mg when I took it. All I know is my focus was almost abnormally insane when I first took it, obviously I can't attribute this to just ginkgo, but regardless, the product gave me no negative side effects whatsoever.


It's a decent supp.
120mg with a cup of green tea/coffee will get your butt right out of bed in the morning.

...Until of course you build an intolerance.


As in you become more sensitive to it or less? I've never heard of either before.

I take it probably 3-4 days/week. I take a 7500mg complex standardised to 40mg flavonglycosides. I has some synergist compunds in there too - ginseng, gotu kola, tyrosine etc.

I notice that I'm slightly more alert when studying and working. Don't think it does anything for my gym performance. Not nearly as cool as when I was on a proper nootropics stack, but alas, that is more than I can afford at the moment.


Less sensitive, if you use at least 100mg 5-6 days/week
(from my experience)


Over the years I've taken Ginkgo (I'm taking it now in fact), mostly for memory but it also thins the blood. That's why it's supposed to be effective with memory, because it helps filter blood to the smaller cappilaries like those in your brain, eyes, hands and feet.
The next time you're in New York city look for gingko trees. They're all over the city!


Warrior Diet author Ori Hofmekler claims it's linked to improved libido. Anyone note this?


That's because it helps blood flow. Anytime you have increased vasodilation you have increased libido.


I understand that; yohimbe is said to have a similar effect. My point is whether it does or is just an urban/supplement manufacturer's myth? I recall TC's Dick of Death article and this wasn't mentioned for improved vasodilation while other substances were.


Honestly I don't know for sure if ginkgo is linked to libido or if Ori has scientific data to back his claim up. I do know that it has blood thinning effects though.


I thought I remembered him mentioning it at the end of the article as an optional supp to toss in with the others. It wasn't on the official list, though.


I read a study over on Ergo that it reduced prolactin. That,and increased circulation could account for the libido effects.


It's great for scaring little kids with nose bleeds.