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Anyone Take DHEA?

I just got my blood test back and the only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was my DHEAS. It was 75. Of course the doctor said don’t worry about it. He said that it’s natural for DHEAS to be low for a middle aged male. However, as we all know most doctors are not well versed in nutrition, or specialty supplementation.

My question, does anyone take DHEA? And if so how much do you take and do you feel it’s helped you? Have there been any side effects?

Thanks to all who want to contribute,


I have used dhea and didnt get much out of it and on the blood work all it did was increase my E2 levels and did nothing to my Test and Free T levels. My doc suspects adrenal fatigue as my dhea is low so now using pregnenolone to increase my dhea levels as well as other hormones, doing it this way can help reduce your chances of increasing E2.

Apparently pregnenolone cream is better then oral supps as its absorbed slower and has less negative effects. I originally started on a combined preg/dhea cream and got bad insomnia/agitation, have since dropped the dhea and just using preg and i feel really good, has helped with joint stiffness/pain as well, havent had blood work done yet so cant tell u that aspect of preg treatment.


i take dhea at 100mg/day. i feel best on 150mg/day. I have no idea how it affects my test numbers, but I know it just plain makes me feel better.

Not to be a logo whore, but Biotest’s Alpha Male is even better, but expensive. If you can afford it try it. otherwise, enjoy the dhea, which is lovingly cheap.

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I looked into it, but it’s banned for competitors who are in WADA controlled sports (like USAPL).

Thanks for your comments any more out there?

you might get more response in the T-Replacement forum

i took it didnt feel much . started trib 650mg 2x a day when i turned 40 (im 43 now )the difference how i felt was unreal like i was 15 years younger. how old are you ?

I take 200 mg daily M - F of 7-Keto DHEA. Helps me wake up with morning wood. I also use preg once a week. I haven’t had hormone levels tested since I don’t have a doc to monitor. But I can tell in the morning if I’m deficient.

Anti-aging doc sold me some, made me feel like shit.