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Anyone Take Ann Coulter Seriously?


Honestly... who does? Her hypocrisy, her sheer lack of cohesive, coherent, and logical arguments, and worst of all, her blatant racism and blind hatred of anyone who doesn't share her views is just mind-boggling..


Go visit the recent 2 or 3 or so threads about Coulter if you are truly interested in this question. It has been answered and re-answered several times.


No one who matters.




I regard her statements and rhetoric with the same credibility as Michael Moore, Al Franken, and the rest of the liberal political 'entertainment' masses.

So, no. I don't take her seriously... she's an interesting character who lends a voice (albeit sometimes misplaced) to a section of American politics that has been relatively underrepresented. Yeah, she's radical and off-base sometimes... but she gets people talking.

And for that, and only that, I respect her. Not to mention she's become a gagillionaire by pissing people off and saying what she thinks.


Well, at the very least Al Franken is funny as hell. Coulter's just retarded. I don't really take either of em' seriously, but I've read books by both. Al Franken is much, I repeat, MUCH better at giving source's and proof for his statements, no matter how radical some of them seem. Ann Coulter either avoids truthe, rants to make you forget about evidence, or just flat out lies. And her writing was just barely entertaining (some of her liberal jokes are funny, but most of it is just... not funny). Franken crack's me up every time. His Bush joke's are kind of stupid, but he does do a very nice job of calling out liars. Of course, I've also read plenty on liberal liars.

IMO, Liberals don't suck. Conservatives don't suck. People suck.

A person can be awesome. They can be calm, nice, and intelligent. But people are just plain stupid, ignorant, and mean. If ya catch my drift.

As for Moore... he certainly makes a better arguement. Politicians do terrible, stupid things. But hindisght's always 20/20, and he often only accuse's the conservative side, when both sides are mostly responsible for whats being done to certain people (though he point's out what is being done quite well).

All and all, Ann Coulter = Lieing jackass. Not funny, not entertaining, just stupid. She [almost] makes me as PO'd as O'Reilly.I've met so many moderate conservative's who hate these guys guts.

Long live the moderates! Give us a party goddamn it!


Ann is brilliant and enjoys ripping liberals apart. Man, what a great job!

She sometimes goes too far, but the vast majority of her work is truthful and shows brilliant insight. Most libs are like Harris above: "You're a fucktard!" or some other brilliant piece of 'wit' is about all he is capable of doing. Its a pleasure to read an intelligent conservative just rips new assholes on the libs.

Most libs are like horny little dogs going after your leg (like Harris). "Bark, Harris, bark!! Good boy..."


"Brilliant insight"? Wow.


Coulter simply caters to her audience, just like Franken. There will always be a market for someone who likes to make waves and stir up shit. Just go to your local bookstore and look at how many books are in circulation promoting one viewpoint or another. The fact that Coulter gets more press than some of the others simply says that she is better at stirring up shit. As far as taking her seriously, there will always be someone who takes people like this seriously. Just like there are those who take Micheal Moore, Bill O'Reily, Shawn Hannity, Al Franken and all the rest seriously. Most semi-intelligent people will take them all with a grain of salt (or a pound of salt, depending on who you are talking about). When you remember that none of them do this for free, it makes it easier to deal with them.


Well, since nobody else has said it,

"I'd hit it."

...and then kick her outta bed before she opened her mouth. :smiley:


Excellent post, I feel the exact same way. As much as they are political pundits, they are entertainers with an audiance to satisfy.

I will say though that Michael Savage drives me up a wall. He's a bit over the top for me. Ann Coulter will say some inflamatory things, but generally can make a good argument. Savage cames off as a digruntled old fart who's unhappy with the whole world. His latest book is a complete waste of time IMHO.


I agree about Savage. He does come off as someone who is angry because he has to share the world with others.


God, you have a crush on me.


I've yet to read a Coulter article that made a "good point." It's quite easy to find basic logical flaws in most of her arguments.

Also, getting people stirred up is a) not good if it's just for entertainment (a la Franken, Coulter, etc.) and b) not all that hard to do, and thus not all that respectable.

It's a sad little world we live in when we need wackjobs like Coulter to get us "stirred up" with retarded comments like "Liberals hate God" and "Black people are savages" (and yeah, I know that's not the direct quote Headhunter, please don't wear your ass for a hat and throw a tantrum).


Well out. I fail to see how any smart person would bother reading her. It's preaching to the choir, and the lowest common denominator of the choir at that. Same as Hannity, Limbaugh, Franken, Moore, etc. And skinny blonde chicks aren't exactly an endangered species.


Did you mean well put?

I don't mean this sarcastically, I'm seriously wondering if "well out" means something I don't know, I'm still pretty foreign. =P


Yeah, well put, P and the O are next to each other on the keyboard.



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A common typo.
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