Anyone Switch from Empower to Perrigo?

I’m almost out of Empower t cyp and my new urologist fills my script with Perrigo. Mine is manufactured by Hikma specifically.

I’m wondering if I should keep my dose the same or plan to adjust. Any experiences?

All you can do is take what your new doc prescribes and the see how it goes. Test your levels in a 2-3 months and see where you are and how you feel.

I wouldn’t assume there’s an issue with the new pharmacy out of the gate.

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I use this brand, and have also used Empower. Even tho they tell me it’s not possible, I ‘feel’ the Hikma is stronger, and I’m dropping my dose from 175mg to 140mg.

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I use Perrigo for 3 years. 120-140 mg a week. I get to the top of the range on t and free t. On trough.

I remember costco couldn’t get perrigo at a refill and wanted to give me cipla. I called around and Walgreens has the perrigo. I haven’t tried anything but perrigo.

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Good to hear! Seems like the newer Hikma one does well for most guys. Excited to try it next week.

Switched to Perrigo about 3months ago and its good stuff.

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