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Anyone Successful with TRT?


Does anyone here actually hold a job or is anyone productive on TRT? Post your protocol...


Is this a joke?


No, I decided eight years ago after being put on HRT to quit work.


Well, it depends on your definition of "actually". There's an old saying that goes "if you're on TRT, you may as well be on meth" and this does hold some truth, albeit without some of the personal hygiene neglect, save for the occasional missed shower, etc.

Also, by "hold" a job. That's figurative right? Like, "Johnny (or Melissa, it could be any name as the name doesn't hold any substantive meaning here) can hold down a job despite his TRT regimen." I think most are able to "hold" a job, figuratively speaking, and anecdotally, they have excelled at times (myself notwithstanding).

There is also HRT (hormone replacement therapy). This can apply to a woman or a man. A woman will only be given high dosage T (testosterone) if she is interested in sexual reassignment. Otherwise, she may be given small amounts of T to increase her sex drive. Female hormone replacement w/estrogen has more risks from what I understand, but since I'm not a woman (I'm a man), my interest is not very high, thus the apathy.

I'm on testosterone replacement therapy. I'll post my protocol.


I got a dynamite protocol.

Here it is.

10 grams of Androgel per day.




Is this real life?


Well I am new to this and I have had chronic fatigue and fibro type issues for the last year so I am just now going on it.


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