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anyone still selling old T2

Does anyone still have a source for old t2. I have 3 bottles left, but would like to get an additional 3-4. Can anyone comment on long term storage on a product such as this…(freezer?)


Have you bought from dpsnutrition before? Are their prices stable or do they vary a lot? Currently, I’m doing the coaching club thing at thepowerstore and get really good prices, but the prices at dpsnutrition look almost as good without paying $20 a month to be in the club and get the good prices.

I can’t remember the last time that I noticed a change in their prices. I’ve ordered three or four times from them without any problem. They’re prompt, and the flat $4.90 shipping for anything under 10 lbs. is a good deal. Last time I checked, they were still running a special on the old T2 (I assume they were trying to clear out inventory to bring in more of the new stuff). By the way, not sure if you remember my post about helping out my overweight father last week, but his fasting blood glucose is down from 240 last Tuesday to 173 this morning. Amazing what a few changes can do; thanks again for your suggestions.

I’ve ordered from dps twice. They have messed up my odrer both times once they double charged me and the second time they actuall substituted the two bottles of T2 that i wanted for to barrels of AP! i needed more protein and didnt want to send it back from hawaii so i just took it. Good prices tho.

Thanks for the info. Glad to hear about your dad. Tell him congratulations from me.


Hey do you guys know if its Ok to switch from T2 pro directly to original T2 without an “off time”?

thanks in advance