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Anyone Still Getting Free Samples?

It used to be that when I ordered stuff from Biotest I would occasionally get free samples with my order. But I haven’t seen anything in about a year and I’m certainly still ordering plenty of stuff from them. So I was just wondering if anyone else is getting samples or if they stopped that practice.

nope, haven’t gotten any in a while.

Negative. It doesn’t matter to me though, I’m pretty set in what I order anyway.


I haven’t in a long time. When I received my sample of HOT-ROX, I ordered some because I liked it. Now I take HOT-ROX Extreme! Love that also. I use different things at different times of the year, but I miss those cool little samples.
It’s the kid in me I guess.

Yep, me too. Not a big deal really but I did like getting the little samples.

a sample of Z-12 would be nice :wink:

I can’t remember the last freebie I got. I got a HOT-ROX neglgene bottle eons ago.

We used to get free samples!?