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Anyone Still Doing Big Beyond Belief?


I just started ramp 2 today of the 6 days a week workout. I've made some decent progress on it. I think I could have made allot more if I had my diet in check.

But is anyone else on it currently?

Anybody Have Big Beyond Belief Template?



According to my calculations, you've been on it for so long now that you should be benching 625 for 5-7, squatting in the 7-800's for reps and pulling 900+ for reps while weighing approximately 340 lbs.

How close am I? :slightly_smiling:


Ha! No I wish! I tend to train in streaks and when I am able to "get on a roll" this is how I train- Unfortunately, I tend to travel more and more for work so its getting harder to be consistent. Still, it is extremely effective for me and at the age of 42 ( soon to be 43 ) I am still stronger than the average bear and able to keep my bodyfat under control.

I find that as I get older the higher frequency lower volume approach works the best for me- I also need the higher rep days too since my joints don't like the real low rep stuff anymore-at least not for any length of time!


I'm doing the 4-day program right now. I'm about to complete the first supergrowth phase but i've been battling a sinus infection that just won't quit. I'm taking a week off so i can get better before starting the second ramp


I just finished a diet and im going to start it Monday. Ive started it before but i was too dumb at the time and i had wrist issues at the time too which Ive sorted out now:) i might just run ramp and super growth phase 1 3 times though and see how that goes.


I've just started it. Having cut down for 12 weeks to sub 10%, I began my 3-year bulking plan two weeks ago, and am now two weeks into 6 days a week ramp 1.

All is well so far, just starting to pick up. I enjoy 6 days a week 4 sets per exercise, but i'm sure 5 sets will destroy me next week - i get a cold just thinking about it.


I came off it about 2-2 and a half months ago. I decided to do my first bulk cycle as well.
Did the 6 day a week and had an awesome exercise selection.

My weight went from 154lbs to 183lbs at the end of Ramp 2 SG phase, decided to not do Ramp 3 but switch to a 4 day a week for a while. But yeah BBB is awesome and Ramp 2 is hell on earth but when you get through it and put it as your goal then its an amazing feeling to get through it, its alot of fun!


I went through the program 1.5 times, but I'm never doing it again. well, maybe just to see :wink:

My squat went up pretty fast and well, from 130kgx4 to 140x10 and 150x7.
Rack Deads from 220kgx8 to 330x5.

Pressing went to hell, as did back work after I partially tore my left pec doing low incline benchpresses - the four or five or something hellish like that sets of 15 and training chest EVERY day-phase fucked it up royally.

IF I were to run through it again, I'd limit chest work to every other day during those weeks, and do delts the other days. And no way in hell I'm doing 5 sets of 15 for anything ever again..I find myself killing myself on the first sets, then using sissy weights for the last, for example I hit 8 reps with 100 kgs on the incline bench, on the last set I was doing 60 kgs..Seems like mye legs recover really fast, my back as well, but my scapula and tendons around the shoulder does not.


Does anyone have a link for the program? The site I was using got shut down..


Yeah I noticed it was down (slideshare). I just did a google for BBB and nothing turned up for download (no torrents, no rapidshare, etc).


If you do a google search for big beyond belief forum download, you'll find people on other forums have uploaded it on mediafire. I find that if i add 'forum' into a search you can find anything, that applies not just to ebooks.

Password: lockout


Thank you so much!! :slightly_smiling:


This is an awesome program! Just started the Training Phase 1 (Level 1, 6 days a week) on monday. During the ramping phases, I managed to gain 11 lbs. Yeah I know not everything is mucle but I was also able to add weight to EVERY movement and my legs and biceps are bigger but my gut only slightly. Oh man, when I benched 10 x 220 I was so happy :stuck_out_tongue:

I am only using big movement. Basically the movement that modok gave in the other thread.


Hey i'm going to ressurect this thread if that's ok. I'm in my 3rd week of my 2nd bout with this program; the first time I only made it to the second ramp before I decided to start cutting, fell off my diet and went in to permenant week 1 limbo... Now I'm back on and basically starting where I left off.

Currently I'm 215 with goals to get heavier and compete next October in the Red River Classic (BB Show) as a middleweight in the novice, light middle or middle weight in the open. I'm around 15-18% BF right now I think.

Here's my exercise selection:

Day 1: barbell rows, barbell bench, barbell curls, and hack squat machine calves

day 2: seated behind-the-neck press, dumbell triceps ext, squats, leg curls, reverse crunches

Day 3: Dumbbell rows, incline barbell bench, stiff-leg deadlifts, legpresses, face-pulls, legpress calves, close-grip bench, hammer curls

day 4: barbell bench, squats, leg curls, chin-ups, push-press, hack squat calf, barbell curl, dips

Couple other concerns: I try to go till the next rep would fail on every set, and reduce the weight each set to stay in the rep range. Sometimes I don't take off enough (like this week, at the end of the ramp) and end up doing 10-12 on a 13-15 day for later sets and going to concentric failure multiple times. Is that OK or do i need to plan my drops better, or start at a lower weight?

Also, I'm doing the 4x/week but my arms aren't that good, kind of a weak link in my physique imo. i have pics in my profile so you can judge if you can see past the adipose. Is the 4x/week going to be enough arm volume to help them catch up? Should I modify my movement selection some, or modify my life to do the 6x/week for the extra sets?


You need to plan your drops better. While missing the marks is to be expected at the start of the program, you need to be realistic about how much weight you will need to take off the bar to hit those desired rep ranges (and remember to plan accordingly when the rest periods are reduced).

While I believe a RP-esque method was mentioned in one of the earlier threads as being useful once you hit 4 - 5 sets (particularly with the higher rep ranges - but don't quote me on this), I would advise you to focus on hitting the prescribed rep ranges for each set in one burst until you get a good enough feel for your body and the program to start fiddling with the more 'advanced' options.

If you can't hit the rep ranges for the very first set, you need to reduce the weight.

It might not seem sexy and macho to be struggling to bench 160lbs on your later high-rep sets, but you need to trust that there is a method to the program's madness.

While your arms don't look particularly bad compared to the rest of you, remember that they will be stimulated from the compound movements as well as the isolation exercises. Focus on grinding out all the reps and sets prescribed and be sure to eat enough to grow and you will wind up with bigger arms at the end.

That being said, while no one can say for sure what will work best for you, I think it is generally accepted that the 6x per week option will give greater results ONLY IF you are able to make it to the gym for EVERY SESSION WITHOUT FAIL. The author explicitly writes that you NEED to be realistic about this and choose the option that will allow you to never miss a session.

Have you read the original two threads on this program in their entirety?


K i'll work on my drops to get all the reps... it gets kinda hard to figure with the shortened rest periods. What works one week doesn't work the next.

Does anyone else find that you have to drop as much on CURLS as on SQUATS? What is up with my arms? My bi's are girly... my 15 reps is only at 95 lbs on barbell curl and i ended up doing the bar with some pink weights (2.5's) on it yesterday for the last set and only got to 13. Arnold is hanging his head in shame at me... I saw that picture of him doing 225. I can't even clean that.

I will stick to the 4x/week since right now its not realistic to workout 6 days a week. Maybe in a while when I get some equipment at home or something. I'd like to say I could now but I'd rather just not screw it up.

I'm reading the 2nd thread and its making me hungry so I'm going to go eat. Thanks for the reply Anonym


nschneid, I just started the 6 per week program monday, and I feel the same way with my pressing stuff. I can bust out the first set solid and strong, but my latter sets are weak. I'm just trying to stick with what the author says to do as strickly as possible. I did a Smolov cycle 1.5 years ago, so I'm thinking I will dig this too. So far my appetite has been through the roof this week :slightly_smiling:


Yeah just stick with it bro. I only got up to the third ramp and I added 40+ pounds to my flat/incline/military.


Awesome job man! I hope to see similar results, I'm having fun with it so far.