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Anyone Started TRT with Subcutaneous Injections?

Yeah I would be especially frustrated if libido was a problem of mine. Its never been which is why I was strong to doubt my hypogonadism at first. Like you, I spent months avoiding it.

Here are my results… not that great at 6 weeks other than T being good but high…

C Total 233 / 100-199
Triglycerides 207 / 0-149
HDL 35 / >39
VLDL 41 / 5-40
LDL 157 / 0-99
Test Serum 1399 / 348-1197
Test Free 24.1 / 8.7-25.1
DHT 154 / 30-85
T4 1.12 / .82-1.77
TSH 2.32 / .450-4.5
Estradiol 5.0 / 7.6-42.6
IGF-1 121 / 88-246
T3 15.1 / 9.2-24.1
Triiodothryronine 3.3 / 2.0-4.4

Are you taking an AI? Cholesterol is very high. You should lower your dose a little to lower DHT and get your estradiol to 20-25.

Yeah I am taking a lot of anti-E so that will be lowered. I don’t know what to do about cholesterol. I eat so healthy, I mean very healthy. I already take fish oil. My diet is as follows every day

7am - Protein shake with powdered greens and fish oil
9am - Hard boiled egg
11:30am - Chicken sandwich with swiss, carrots, and an apple
2pm - Cottage cheese snack
4pm - Protein bar or yogurt
6pm - Wife cooks from whole 30 diet
9pm - Protein shake with almond butter

Kind of a mystery, hopefully with recovered T and your training and diet, it should go down to a more comfortable range.

Well said. I was certainly not suggesting that we adopt that type of treatment course. I am trying my best to help you identify your barrier to success. So I was just wondering if time spent fiddling with your E2 could help you get dialed in?? Maybe for you, 15 would be better than 25? Or 30 would be better than 22. Who freakin knows?

I was at 17 prior to cutting my Adex dose by the formula Ksman uses to get to 22.9. I did not feel anything better at 17 , I was actually having Low E symptoms like stiff joints. For now, patience is the virtue!

How does one do Sub-Q?

You draw with a big needle and then inject it in the back of a 29 grain 1/2" needle?

Then where do you inject it? Hip fat area? Is is supposed to go 1/2 inch in? Not sure if I have enough fat there.

You can use a larger needle and syringe to back fill an insulin syringe, but I just fill the insulin syringe directly. It takes a few minutes, but not a big deal.

Sub Q literally means below the skin. You have a small fat layer beneath the skin just about everywhere. I use my hip or thigh area. I’m not wild about the abdominal area personally. So, you pinch the skin and inject the full depth of the 1/2 inch needle. Depress the plunger fully then release the skin. Again this takes a few seconds, but no pain at all.

@Nashtide Hi been a while since this thread has had a post, i seen you still active on forum 17hrs ago and just wanted to ask you Brother, did you always do your SubQ injections in Belly Fat like you would HCG & the Dr John Crisler method. Also what size Gauge did you use, was it a 27G half an inch like you would with HCG into your belly with your Test?? Reason i ask is just because i just transitioned from Testosterone Cream with HCG. to Test injectable with HCG. Kind regards, Daniel

I inject both subQ but not in the belly. I use the fat around the tops of my thighs and hips. I inject T with a 29g 1/2" and hcg with a 31g 1/2".

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Hello I saw this post and wanted to ask some questions. I recently started subq injections after reading about them a lot. I’ve only ever done IM. I did it wed and I’m noticing a red lump that’s pretty sore. I used a 26g 3/8 after seeing dr Johns video recommendation for leaner guys. I did .5cc of Dragon Pharma Test E 400. As this is still new to me I’m wondering if it was the amount or the strength of the test that caused it. My plan was to do .5cc every 5 days but depending on what the responses are I may drop it to .25 every 4-5. I do also have some Kalpa test cyp 250 I could try instead

Do you do labs? If you are doing TRT you shouldnt just be jumping around doing this dose and that dose. The 400 hurts because of the solvents. Pick a dose stick to it for 6 weeks then do labs and titrate

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I’m on TRT from my dr about three months in, this to supplement what’s he’s giving me since I still feel I’m dosed very low. I’m 37 I was a 210 he started me .5cc of Test 200 every two weeks. He just sent me to get my levels tested on sat and afterwards is when I did the SubQ pin (I put wed in my thread but I meant Saturday.) my thought since it was so New was to make the adjustment right away

If you supplement what he gives you then your levels will just be too high and he will lower your script unleas your honest then he will probably just cut you off. If you want to blast thats one thing but you need to know what your optimal TRT dose is so after the blast you can drop back to that dose. If your labs are low let him raise your dose. If not just find a new Dr or just self medicate 100% and stay on top of labs

Thanks for the info. Is the soreness and lump normal for a SubQ?

I started on T cyp 70 mg E3D Sub Q for about 5 years now. I think it works pretty fast, and I think much better then IM. The only thing I would recommend is after you done injecting, place a tissue or cotton ball and keep pressure on the injection site especially if you tend to press hard, or fast. You can get a very large bump, and if you injecting 2x weekly you going to look a little weird with your shirt off.

Good luck!

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Yes. It is because the T is in oil which is very thick. I just push very slowly, and when I’m done I hold a tissue on the injection site, and in 30 seconds I’m fine, no mark or soreness. I use a 5/8 1ML T&D syringe

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