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Anyone Started "The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters"

Hi everyone,

Has anyone started this yet? Im very interested in hearing peoples results and feedback. Currently im in-season so cannot commit to 6 gym sessions pw on top of pitch training and match day.

Looks ideal for my off season so hoping to hear some feedback on this. Never tried a frequency program like this. Feels kinda alien, but im not the expert so will give it a whirl when the season finishes.

I know on a similar thread Thibs said he will write a program for 4 day frequency training for the “day constrained” joe soap. Will be very interested in seeing that to as could maybe fit that in.

Cheers guys.

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I’m in the middle of my second week of the program and I’ve liked it so far. The workouts are done really fast and the positive trade-off from insane volumes, high intensity and moderate frequency to insane intensity, high frequency and low volume surprised me.

I will be starting it 10/31. I’m really looking forward to beginning it. Might start a log, who knows.

Feeling good after the first week. I’m actually surprised that I find it easier to make it to the gym for a half hour every day than over an hour 4x a week

Been using the principles (not the actual workout) since CT brought forth his original article. And I am loving it. In the short time I’ve been doing this, I’m finding out my recovery, strength, and size are now much more “predictable”…i.e. I don’t have those days when I’m feeling more “deflated” than the other. I actually feel “loaded” and “full” every single day.


In essence I have dropped my volume 3 fold or more from what I have been normally doing, and am finding out (so far) that I have been WAY overstimulating in the past and not allowing for enough recuperating. I had still been in my juicer mentality…for years (since 2008). No more.

I’ll say it again: I am SO glad CT is preaching this. This is a monumental service to all lifters…yes…including the geared ones I strongly believe.

The latest article today about the 3 Reasons You Can’t Train Like a Juicer is so spot on as well. Damn CT…keep them coming. Keep preachin’ the good message brother.


Im onto week 3 tomorrow, loving it. It’s quick and hurts! I love the all out sets. Do the hack squat for the mTor activation set and watch your quads shake for the following hour !

Agreed! To me this is the most helpful and relevant info I’ve gained from following CT’s stuff. Ever.

I can only hope he continues to focus on this type of info/training concepts for a long time.

Thanks Christian.


Let’s talk a bit peri-workout nutrition.

For those who tried the program, what kind of periworkout did you use and what gave the best results?

Would 1 serving of plazma before and during WO and 1 serving of Mag-10 after be enough since the workout are somewhat short and dont induce much glycogen depletion?

10g of BCAA’s immediately before and after training + some other stuff like beta alanine etc. and the biggest meal of the day as soon as possible after training.

Some people say 40g carbs and protein. Others say 70g if carbs. I try to eat carbs with a high glycemic index before and after my workout. I also aim for 50-70 grams. After my post-workout meal I eat carbs with a low GI so it doesn’t spike my insulin late in the day. My understanding is higher GI foods are simple carbs and hit the blood stream fast resulting in an insulin spike. This is good at workout time but not during the rest of the day (I think).

I’m still learning about food timing and using carbs in the best possible manner.

I started it. As a tall guy, I constantly read to lift no more than 3x per week. I workout at night, so it was hard to workout for 2 hours and feel like I was getting enough sleep. Working out more frequently, but with less volume is awesome.

I do have a question though. There is a lot of variety in this plan. Thoughts on keeping a more consistent plan w/ less variety:

Day 1: Deadlift, pull-up, bent lateral, curl
Day 2: Front Squat, Bench, Lateral Raise, Close grip Bench
Day 3: Straight Leg Deadlift, Pull up, Row, Curl
Day 4: Squat, Fly, Shoulder press, close grip bench
Day 5: Deadlift, pull up, chest supported row, hammer curl
Day 6: Squat, Incline Bench, Front Raise, Tricep Extension


I’d say doing mTor work, drop sets AND doube rest pause sets with big movements several times a week will give you a bad time. It’s damn hard on one’s CNS.

What is all this Plazma and Mag 10 ? Probably not available in Australia. I just train off Bcaa’s Eaa’s Creatine. Handful off berries before. No powdered carbs. I would agree that if you give your working sets your everything you couldn’t deadlift and squat that much.

I’m going to give it a shot though! I love the double rest pause with the big movements. I never want to do a 5 sec negative with 2 sec hold on squats. Personally I think I’ll be OK but I’ve been doing 10,8,6,4,max reps with increasing weight on every exercise recently. Dropping to only 1 hard set per exercise and spreading my workouts over 3 days instead of 2 should be manageable. (been doing 6 days per week of push/pull/legs)

This looks fine but I’m no expert. I was actually thinking of adding some variety after the first 3-4 weeks. For example, I was thinking of doing trap bar deadlift instead of the glute ham raise on Day 5.

I asked CT on Twitter if you could add loaded carries or 5 min kettlebell swing intervals after the workouts. He said it should be fine as long as I make sure it’s not too much volume. I’m on the first week of the program and trying to see where I can fit some conditioning work in. But so far I love the concept - hard, intense workout in under 45 minutes. I have yet to be “sore” but I can definitely tell that I did something lol.

So you would do mTor work, drop sets and double rest pause for deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts and only drop sets and double rest pause for squats and front squats? Sure try it but I’ll say u gon’ b ded. Not maybe within just a few weeks but there’s a reason why you do really heavy shit on a squat and a deadlift movements only once a week.

No dead lifts but I’ll power clean, clean pull, & hang clean 1st on pull days. No advanced sets on those.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with romanian dead lifts yet. Not mTor, maybe a 6-8-10 drop set. I’ve never really taken those to failure so I’ll have to figure that one out.

I think I’ll try double rest pause on front squat (Tues) , squat(Thurs), and maybe reverse lunge(Sat).

mTor on pull ups each pull day and maybe on DB bench and Incline DB rows.

6-8-10 drop sets on things like cable fly, Lateral raises, reverse fly.

It’ll be trial and error. The lifts where low back/torso bracing is highly involved will most likely be double rest pause sets. Those seem hard but they’re not burnout type sets that’ll get me too out if breath to brace appropriately.

I did the double rest pause going heavy with em and my glutes were useless for two days

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Nice! I’ll try that. I’ve recently done a couple heavy sets (2-4 reps) followed by moderate sets (8 reps) and finished with a set of 20 with 135lbs. Good times.

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