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Anyone Start TRT and Not Get Full Symptom Resolution Until Treating Thyroid?

libido and erection benefits are of the most interest to me. What benefits did you find after treating your thyroid?

I have heard TRT does not work if your thyroid is acting up.

Very interesting. I’m not really getting much relief as of yet and my thyroid number was at the top end. System said to get it all checked.

I’ll kewp an eye here. How does one fix the thyroid. Are most successful . Basic thyroid panel is what I need correct? Sorry not trying to hijack this , but I might learn allot here …

You will be unable to metabolize testosterone if thyroid problems go unaddressed, so if you are hypothyroid and starting TRT, you will be spinning your wheels going nowhere fast.

hm this is very interesting to me
so OP,u don’t respond to TRT atm?
keep us posted on ur trials

Please tell me more of what you know. How bad does it have to be. Is it just high tsh or do t3 and t4 also have to be outside normal to create these issues.

I started supplementing iodine potassium and serelium today based on my research to lower my tsh. I’m taking 12.5 mg daily. It’s low but I should see some benefit.

I’m also finding an iodine test this week to see if I am truly low on iodine or its some other reason I’m experiencing high tsh.