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Anyone Split Up 10x3 into Two Workouts?

1st time posting here. Came across this article on Facebook yesterday and was curious if anyone has ever tried splitting it up over 2 workouts so 5x3 each day


That would absolutely defeat the purpose. Don’t do that.


Ok thanks

Just to touch back on this, @crfs23, was there a reason you wanted to split it up over two sessions?

It’s a set/rep scheme you’d only use for one big exercise per workout, so there’s really no reason to break it into two parts because it’s not like you’re doing a half-dozen exercises for 10x3 each.

For reference, Waterbury used that setup in a lot of routines. This is one of the more popular ones: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/waterbury-method

Just to get more frequency in with the big lifts; ie grease the groove train of thought

Gotcha. Using high frequency (working the same bodypart or exercise multiple times a week) is another concept Waterbury talked a lot about. This is one of his articles on it: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/bodybuildings-next-frontier

Basically, if you want to hit the big lifts with more frequency without burning out, use different sets and reps each session. So like, 10x3 Monday, 4x8 Wednesday, 2x15 Friday.

This is a different plan of his that uses that type of setup (though doesn’t specifically use 10x3 in this case): https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/total-body-training

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Ok thanks a lot. Another program I came across on my lunch break earlier that might be more fitting if I wanna up the frequency for a bit is by Christian Thibaudeau, but I have a question about that 1 too so I’ll post it in his coaching forum section on here. Thinking maybe afterwards I’ll give the 10x3 a go as it was intended

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