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Anyone Speak Swedish?


Anybody who speak swedish here?


No....but will need to learn some....will be going there in 2012...First Raw USAPL Powerlifitng Team.


Edit: Why is this in SAMA with no pictures??? Haven't you learned anything?


I should be able to.




Why do you want want to know?


Almost everyone speaks english






See quick tutorial above


I eat swedish fish.


Are you saying what I think you're saying?



Can one of you help me put together the cabinet I bought from you guys???


On a lower intermediate level.


Why do you ask?

Ooh, this seems like a good place to spread the word "crossfitta" which I invented, alluding to how much of a pussy the average crossfitter is.


Skal! (cant make the swedish "a")

Actually, all I know are "thank you", "youre welcome", "horseshit", and "cheers! and the little boy shit his pants" (popular swedish cheer)

Those are the four phrases me grandpappy taught me before he passed on.


Mooben gleeben skoober doober! Motten mooten forber skleeberdidden! Floober doober noober gobben glibben faber dooder skeeber vagina!





Okay, dat is geen Zweeds, maar gewoon cool om te zeggen.

Anyone who can say hottentottententententoonstellingen with video evidence will get a cookie! All the Dutchees are excluded ofcourse.