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Anyone sick of hearing about Atkins?


Nobody heard of the dude 6 months ago.
Now everywhere I go: Atkins.
On the news tonight: Atkins.
On the regular spam I get: Atkins.
On the radio: Atkins
On the posters at the gyms I drive by: Atkinze. (I don't think they can spel)
On the tv: Atkins.
From people-at-work-who-know-I-lift: Atkins.


Makes we want to defy the world by eating a tub of spinach/green beans and oatmeal...while throwing back a keg of the NOT-Low-Carb-Grow....

mmmmmmm Grow.


No one heard of him 6months ago? His first book was written in the 70's. Everyone knew about him, just no one believed him.
And defying the world by eating green beans? I think you need to read the book, my friend.

Yes, I tire of hearing people say "i'm doing adkins" but its better than hearing people say "Yes, supersize that for me and add a SUPRALARGE Shake"


I think Atkins has been around since the 1970's and it was all the rage when it first came out.

Doesn't anyone remember fondue?

The fact that they are marketing Atkins more doesn't bother me all that much.

A lot of people have been using low carbing (not just atkins) to lose weight long before all this recent hype. Now that it has gone more mainstream it will mean that more companies will jump on the low carb bandwagon.. and there will be more options for those doing a low carb diet, which would not necessarily be a bad thing.


Yeah, it's getting a little annoying.

I just think it's a shame that the guy had to die before people started taking him seriously.


Well its a makes a nice change from the f-plan, c-plan, slim fast, weight watchers and cabbage diets!!

I am sick of people saying they're on atkins but drinking loads of alcohol cause 'it says I can' and giving up after one week.


I'd love a supersize chocolate shake from McD's right now!
Off to eat my salad,tuna,and eggs...


I nearly fainted when 7-11 advertised it sells Atkins products....


Atkins, Atkins everywhere.

But not a carb to eat.


It's better than the low-fat bandwagon, but still nothing like a complete dietary solution.

I think if people hopped straight to the maintainance phase and cut calories, they'd get similar results and have a more sane, healthy diet.

But people don't want sane, healthy diets, they want to lose 20 lbs. of water NOW. People who I've talked to about diet have thanked me for reccomending Atkins for them, and they've had success. The funny thing is, the word "Atkins" never left my lips. I said something like: "Watch the sugar and refined carbohydrates, exercise, and eat real foods like vegetables and fruit and plenty of protein." That somehow means "Atkins" to people.

I'm not sure that all the sugar alcohols are great, either. Eating real food beats eating either low-carb (high sugar alcohol) or low-fat (high sugar) crap any day.

I read "Atkins for Life" or whatever it's called, and I was shocked at how little carbohydrate those people ate who were trying to maintain their weight: most of them ate less than 50g per day. It seems like they could eat more if they had a little more education about metabolism.

Maybe that's my problem with it: it's an oversimplification. Maybe that's just the inherent nature of the "sheep diet".

Dan "Not a dietary Guru" McVicker


Yes I am sick of it all my neighbors are on it.
I turned them on to t-dawg 2.0. And they love
and still losing fat.



That`s MOST excellent!

If that mainstream thing can help the upcoming Mother-of-all-tsunami-Baby-Boomer-Healthcare-Costs Cataclysm, so much the better*.

And I doubt the low-fat advocates can have a track record as solid as Atkins, specially in terms of years.

*On the other hand, you could say the quicker the whales die, the less they cost long term, but their dying bill isn`t free either.

I also share Dan McV`s opinion.


I am sick of the people that think they are following the Atkins diet. Most have not read or comprehended the entire book and are not following it properly.
I also get tired of those that haven't read it criticizing it.

There obviously is not one diet/way of eating that fits all. If someone is able to shed pounds and keep them off and be healthier.....good for them.

I am happy to see dining establishments offer side dishes other than potatoes, rice and pasta.

I hate seeing the food industry stick it to these people by offering low carb alternatives that cost 3x+ what their refined carb counterparts do.


In the grave: Atkins.....'nuff said.


Everywhere I go i hear some person say something along the lines of "Man I'm on this diet where you don't eat any carbs and I've already lost five pounds." I don't like trends and I'm very sick of the Atkins diet.


In the grave: Atkins.....'nuff said.

He died of a fall and resultant head trauma.


Are you a retard? The guy slipped and fell. That's how he died. What a jackoff.


every fucking restaurant, fast food included in the state of california now has an atkins friendly menu.


P-dog, are you saying thats bad or good?

I will say that the (i think) burger king gimmick of removing the bun is stupid, since people can do that on their own.


My Story

It got me started doing low carbohydrates. Because I was extremely overweight (maybe obese) and I just wanted to lose weight, it worked. I admit to losing some muscle but my strength did not decline because my body got used to the low amount of carbs after adaptation.

The facts

The first phase is very restrictive, it allows only 20 g carbs for 2 weeks but as you gradually progress that number can increase. You can even up it to as high as 90 grams and you will still be following the book's guidelines.

Also, even in the first phase there diet still comes out balanced. It is not just all meat, eggs, cheese, herbs and even some vegetables are even allowed. It is sugar free, but it is NOT sweetness free. It allows the use of stevia and splenda for sweeteners.

You don't even need to buy the freaking book to know about this stuff because you can find out at the web site (atkinscenter.com) for free, if you want to verify what it really is.

What it is not

It is not a good diet for building muscle, at least for me, because after the initial gains of increasing carbs, I hit a plateau at 90 g of carbs (the upper limit).

But at least consider that it does not allow high carb softdrinks like Coke and Pepsi and high carb junk food and comfort food.

It does not even advocate drowning yourself in alcohol; It says there that once you take alcohol, the calories that you burn come from that and not from the stored body fat, which means it interferes with weight loss. Something that people who want to lose weight (and can comprehend the message correctly) will not do.

Why it is better than just dieting or the standard American diet of high carbs

It also says there that exercise is non-negotiable, meaning everyone must do it. So it's not a just diet and you'll lose weight and be healthy.

It even advocates nutritional supplements because no diet can truly give 100% of everything. Comparing this to bodybuilding, not even a "natural" bodybuilder nowadays can get by with eating clean food alone, the responses I have gotten is that, at a minimum, they take protein supplements.


It is not a bodybuilding diet. You most likely will not achieve your goals unless your genetics allow you to build muscle while eating very minimal carbs (90 g max). However, it can help overfat (overweight and obese) people to lose weight (yes, some muscle will also be lost) and with that weight loss comes health benefits (as opposed to following an unstructured diet or being anorexic).




I'M SO SICK OF IT TOO! It's like some kind of mindless cult!! Atkins is just anther fad diet, and so unhealthy in the long term. Yes, you lose a ton of weight very quickly, but a lot of it is water weight, as there is an osmolar pull of water out of the cells, and so you are in a chronically dehydrated state which is so bad for your muscles, organs, brain and whole body over time. And your cells are missing out on adequate nutrition and all the healthy chemicals in whole food carbos that science still doesn't know about, that likely protect you from disease. So many of the people I work with are on it, and it's working for them, but they don't do any intense exercise. Lack of weight bearing exercise + high protein diet = Demineralization of the bones, ie: Osteoporosis....that is one of the long-term negatives, but a big one. Also, the loss of muscle tissue is so counterproductive on your metabolism, not to mention the way you look in a great pair of tight jeans. Other potential conditions which could be caused by this kind of diet include cancers, kidney insufficiency/failure, atherosclerosis, etc., etc. I guess some people just want a quick, easy fix without considering the long-term. Lots of Americans want to lose weight while living the sedentary lifestyle. I feel a sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit for the obesity in our society. Look at countries in Asia and Europe where they eat lots of rich foods--- they don't have the high rates of the typically American diseases (heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes type 2, etc..)- because they walk and bike everywhere and they eat moderate portions (not supersized like ours)! Heavy weight training and a well-rounded diet is what enables me to be so fit, not laying on my couch eating slabs of red meat and cheese while simultaneously flipping the TV remote and clogging my arteries. Another point is Atkinsers miss out on the soluble fibers in foods like brown rice, oatmeal and whole grains that rid your body of excess cholesterol.