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Anyone Seen Chevelle or Staind Live?


Has anyone been to one of their concerts? If so, are they good live?


Are they even good on CD?


hahaha that did make me laugh, but yes, I think they are both good.


I've seen chevelle before and even though i think they are just allright, they sounded really good live.


I've seen Chevelle twice and both times they were pretty damn good. So yeah, I would go seem them again for sure.


Beat me to it.


I've seen staind before. They were so-so and didn't make any big mistakes.


I have seen Staind about 8 times. They have good shows and others I would like to forget I was there to see.


I saw Staind live about ten years ago and they fucking sucked. They all just stand there without moving and most of their music is so fucking mellow and introspective that it just bored the hell out of me. I don't recommend paying any money to see them, even if you like them a lot. I don't know, I just prefer concerts where the bands are more uptempo in regards to their music and their stage presence.

Best concerts I've seen: Rage Against the Machine, Oakland 1999 and San Francisco 2007
Slipknot and System of a Down, 2001
Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Nas, and The Roots, 2007
Machinehead, 2003
Static X, a few months ago


I would agree with you on R.A.M Slipknot and Static X but System of a Down I can't stand and rap shows just plan suck way to much going on and rap sounds like shit live.


I agree that some rap sucks live, but I saw all of the above-mentioned groups at the same concert and Rage was the headliner. If I had seen each of those groups individually rather than all at the same concert, it might have been different (except for Wu-Tang and Cypress Hill-I've seen them both a couple times and they're the shit no matter what). But this show was sick. Scott Ian from Anthrax played with PE on Welcome to the Terrordome and Bring the Noise and Redman was there with the Wu-Tang (all members were there, except for ODB of course), Rahzel was there with the Roots, and Cypress Hill always puts on a killer show. I saw Gang Starr with Rage years ago and I love Gang Starr, but they didn't sound that good.

Nas was super late and played like 2 songs and then bounced and he sounded like shit. I like Nas a lot, but that was the 2nd time I'd seen him and he sucked both times. But I've seen Cypress Hill three times and the Wu-Tang Clan twice and they are definitely as good live as any metal or rock group out there. But NO ONE compares to Rage Against the Machine live, and I've seen a lot of good rock groups (Slayer, Pantera, Korn, Rob Zombie, Machinehead, Static X, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, the original Black Sabbath, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Stone Temple Pilots, Rammstein, etc. etc.)


do you have a hat with lighter guards lining the bill?


saw chevelle live in Seattle before they got signed, were pretty good back then....


Stainds entirely acoustic gigs sound good. On their Best Of CD, there's a few tracks where it sounds like they're in a small underground club just playing some acoustic songs. It sounds pretty cool I think, an intimate atmosphere.

I saw Rage last year at the Oxegen music festival. I got into them after they broke up and they quickly became one of my favourite bands. So seeing them last year was incredible, I was right up the front against the barrier.


Also check out live videos on youtube of Chevelle and Staind if you want to know. It might not give you a good idea of what thier vibe/atmosphere is but at least you can tell if they suck or not...which they don't.


Saw Chevelle and Trust Company back in '02 in Columbia, SC ... some little fucking club on the corner of Senate and Park that's no longer there (since been replaced by the Hilton and Ruth's Chris)

It was a pretty fucking cool show; I don't even like Chevelle but I had a great time


Man, I truly don't like Chevelle, way to grandious and whiny... But if you guys are saying that they're tight live, then I might have to give them a harder look.

Anybody seen Mastadon live?