Anyone See Improvements from Changing Diet?

for example, talking about going from total testosterone of 135 ng/dl to the 600? same with free testosterone going from low to high. talking about already having a good healthy diet but switching things up. example, reducing good carb sources (sweet potato) to increase good fat sources. kinda like going from high carb and moderate fat intake to high fat and low carb intake.

i wanted to maybe give keto a try since i see a lot of people improving T with keto.

however, my shbg is already high (have seen it at 74) so the results might be bad for me.

i already sleep 7. not overweight and train like 4 days a week.

Your are not going to find anyone here that has done that. If they did they wouldn’t be here. I could see it being done with moderately low level, above 400 or so but not as low as your asking. Not saying you wont raise it just not enough to matter.

It’s time to come back to reality.

You’re not going to be able to lower it enough, Free T will always be low as long as SHBG is high.


i get you. dang

yeah im just asking to see others experience. fixed some grammar error in my post.

How are you functioning? TT=135 ng/dl, SHBG=74, sounds awful.

You probably need medical help with your numbers. Even if you tripled them, you would still be at 400 TT, with high SHBG, you are not going to feel good at that level.

hey! not good hehe. im working on fixing this tho. i was just wondering if going keto or carnivore diet would greatly increase testosterone. it’s just asking for experience because i constantly read successful stories from people going low in the 100 to high 700+ just with little to no carbs.

others say they greatly increase it too by not eating gluten.

but im guessing the people saying this had a bad lifestyle, overweight, etc. not sure tho.

It’s possible for that to happen. Does not seem probable. Most people will see their testosterone drop on keto. Really any diet that results in weight loss will probably drop your testosterone. It might come back higher after you start eating at or above maintaince.

That would make some sense to me as those with gluten intolerance tend to have a lot of inflammation which I believe can have negative effects on test production. Keto is thought to be anti inflammatory also, so again could have some positive correlation to test production. Keto I do believe gets past the vilifying of fat and cholesterol in the modern diet which is needed for production of testosterone. So may help on that front, if you were on more of a low fat, high carb diet prior.

As I said I do doubt it would increase as greatly as you have heard, but would be very interested in seeing someone try it. I have no problem changing my view point if provided the evidence. Problems I have with people saying they increased that much, I haven’t seen much proof, just big talk. Like those that say lift heavy and having sex will increase your T but provide no prior blood work to prove that it did so. It is known to increase T but only transiently not permanently so I usually call bullshit and believe those that say it never really had low T and say it to sound more manly. Not to take away from doing those things, because you should and I do, but I still felt like shit. Maybe I’m just too much of a cynic LOL.

You will not find anyone going from low numbers to high numbers and the reason is anyone scoring low numbers (<300) will see even less of an increase in T by lifestyle changes, when you get levels in the 100 ranges you will see an even less increase in T than someone 200 points higher and neither case is reversible to the point where levels are in the high normal ranges which should be the goal.

I assure you will not find anyone going from 100 to even 700 with some type of medical intervention like clomid or TRT. Also cutting out calories will screw you up even further and probably damage your thyroid in the process, if you go overboard and cutting out too many calories and or overtrain, some will see this as a reason for testosterone being low.

If anything you need to eat more while lifting weights which is the standard recommendation for some who have low T do to overtraining and extreme calorie restriction.


While I agree with you on most points you said, the quote above I disagree with, at least the way you worded it. That sounds like you are telling someone who is overweight and obese to not cut any calories because it will hurt their t-levels and thyroid. When that could be one reason their t-levels are hurting in the first place. If you are saying an extreme caloric deficit for a long period I can get behind that, but not the way its worded. On another note I dont believe most men have the fortitude to actually overtrain.

I meant extreme calories restriction, poorly worded indeed.

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yeah i do however read people saying that they feel better while losing weight some with improvements in libido. to lose weight you need a caloric deficit. and a long term caloric deficit lowers tests right? so im guessing this feeling is because of reducing e2 when it was already high?

Right you are sir, estrogen levels are a big determining factor for how one feels mentally whether on TRT or not.

well i heard gluten intolerance could cause inflammatory response in our system but tanking testosterone so low? i don’t think so. heck when i first tested and saw low t and i was not eating a lot of gluten if i remember correctly. im going to test for gluten intolerance tho.

i read not so long ago in reddit someone claiming going carnivore diet increase his testosterone from clinically low levels to extremely high total and normal free t and also had shbg at 90 something. but he did not posted before labs. just said he used this diet and saw a greatly improvement in T levels

No I was saying in general it could limit someone’s testosterone, not saying it would tank your levels where your at. I definitely think you have other things going on besides gluten intolerance.

hey yeah i get you. i dont think im overtraining or anything. i took a couple of days off to see if i felt better but i felt more depressed than before. but i also don’t feel any better after training. heck sometimes i feel like puking. i only weight train 3 days weekly.

could you see high numbers in testosterone while taking clomid and still feel like shit with no improvements in energy libido, etc? thats what im experience. stress got worst

i posted my labs in another thread but to sum it up i have low everything (both total and free t, lh, fsh, t3, e2, igf1 and cortisol am at 14) except shbg which is high. only things i haven’t tried that i got in my mind is to be less stressful (something i could handle way better with higher t at 200 ish lol but fuck now i cant even think properly), eat more and maybe hcg. last protocol of hcg offered by a doc was 3k weekly (dosage) and i said fuck that. i got prescribed with clomid but i feel nothing. i have been maintaining my weight for a long time(151-153 at 6’2”) i eat a lot of fat, carbs and protein (good sources tho).

im actually wanting trt mostly because i can’t even feel my dick lol and have for a long time.

o and im considering in stopping training for maybe a month or more. i feel worst after training and there might be a correlation between cortisol released during training tanking testosterone even more because of recovery or something about it. this is something i read.

Feeling like crap is pretty much a typical response to clomid even though levels are perfect. Clomid was designed for women hence the increase of estrogen within the body and the also stimulation of estrogen receptor.

i get you. i thought i might have some good results despite my high shbg just because of my extremely low estradiol. clomid increases estradiol so it might also increase my Total testosterone (correct?), but the bad news is that it also increases SHBG while decreasing Free T even further (2.5) so this sucks. doctor did not wanted to test free t and shbg (don’t know why) and im looking for someone else to give me the labs. uro just wants to test estradiol Total T lh and fsh.