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Anyone Run the Juggernaut Method?

Just looking for some feedback on the program. I’ve heard many people say that the %s are too low and they feel they got weaker. The heavier weights felt heavier and they were uncomfortable. In the end, they ending up increasing their 1RM. I’m thinking of running the inverted JM, which the 10s and 8s week will feel even lighter than the conventional JM.

Thoughts for someone who doesn’t compete?

I’ve tried it. It’s a lot of volume and you definitely have to lower your TMs pretty far unless you’re used to that kind of workload. I didn’t run it long enough to say one way or the other if it’s a good program or not. It’s pretty similar to 5/3/1 (it’s built on 5/3/1 really) so take that for what it’s worth.

I ran it for the 16 weeks. I did the inverted Juggernaut method on the 10s and 8s like you mentioned. I loved it. Of course, your 1RM probably won’t be as high while you’re working through the 10s and 8s, and maybe even the 5s, and they’re not supposed to be. What matters is what they are at the end of the program. I built some muscle during those lighter phases and improved my technique and work capacity. I don’t really care about my 1RMs, but I definitely got stronger on every lift.

Nice, can I ask your starting and ending numbers?

Yeah sure.
Press 200-215
Bench 305-330
Squat 415-450
Deadlift 455-495
BW= 195-200

Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. I’m planning on running the program again soon as soon as I get the time to fully devote to a program again.

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What advice would you give someone like me? My job entails both office and field work doing physical work. There is no consistent schedule of when I’m in the field. Sometimes it’s weeks at a time, sometimes it’s a day or two out of the week.

Because of this, it makes sense to do a 3 day training split, but I’m worried about not being able to give it my all during AMRAPs (or skipping days at a time due to scheduling issues) and screwing with my training max, when in reality, it was probably just a rough day at work or it’s been a week and a half or so since I did that movement.

Isn’t it only in the realization phase that you go all out on the AMRAPs?

Yes and no. The only true AMRAPs are during realization. I would still be affected during the accumulation and intensification phase, as you’re supposed to go 2-3 reps shy of failure on the accumulation, and 1-2 on intensification place.

I think in the broad scheme of things, you’re correct. I really only need to worry about two weeks in the last two months.

But on days where I am affected in accumulation/intensification, would you guys give that session another go two days later?

I wouldn’t. Some days you have it and some days you don’t. I’ve been in this boat before where you only hit the prescribe reps or less and you’re like, “What the fuck man, I know I can hit +3, what gives?” so you reset or try it again and it just becomes this vicious cycle. My suggestion is to just put it out of your mind and move on. Those days happen. What’s one mediocre workout out of 16 weeks worth or sessions anyway?

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Well said, +1; thanks

If you do the inverted juggernaut method, you’ll only be doing the amrap type sets during the realization weeks of 10s and 8s. Accumulation and intensification will have you doing things like, for example, 10s accumulation is ten sets of five with 60 seconds rest.