Anyone Run Coffinworm?

I am thinking about trying out the coffinworm routine from 5/3/1 forever book. Anyone run this yet? If so what were your experiences with it? It looks solid, mainly just want to build strength which this looks like it does well. How are the size gains on this out of curiosity? What did your assistance set up look like to not get burnt out or hurt your main lifts?

I am currently running this template. I got the book and ran this template immediately. Lowered my TM to 90% , ran two cycles of the leader template and am now on my second cycle of the anchor template at 4 days a week.

So far I think this is a really great program that I will continue to run for a few more cycles. It will work well for strength as long as everything else is in order (nutrition, recovery etc) and I’ve noticed a little bit of size gains as well but nothing significant. It just all depends on where you are at with your training. I believe he does recommend this program for intermediate to advanced lifters.

Wendler does state to be smart about the assistance work which I definitely agree with. The main lifts are challenging but doable so don’t get crazy on a bunch of extra fluff work. I have simply been doing pull-ups, DB rows, and ab work in the rep ranges he recommends for the program. I don’t do any pushing assistance work. I’ve had shoulder issues in the past and 4 days of pressing with the main lifts has been sufficient. No need to push the envelope.

Coffinworms main goal is strength and I think that you if do it the way it’s laid out you will reap the benefits of the program. If you’re looking for noticeable size gains I’m not sure if this is the template to run.