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Anyone Remember the Old Site Here?


Does anyone remember the Testosterone site of 8 years ago?

I know my info next to my name says I've been a member for only a year or so, but I was a member under a different name back then. I broke my leg and gave up lifting about 4 years ago, and just got back in about a year ago.

I was just wondering if there were other "old-timers" out there.


What was your old screen name? I've been posting here 5+ years, but a lot of the old timers don't really post anymore. It used to be a lot different format also, I don't remember it as user friendly.


i have been around since the beginning, how many had subscriptions to the paper testosterone mag?


Yes, there are quite a few of us who have been here (Some, such as myself, much more quietly than others) since the very beginning. Welcome back!


Yup, been here since near the beginning. Still have many of the paper mags.


Count me in as well.

Still have all the original Testosterone print magazines here in my office.


Yeah, I've been visiting this site since a month or two after it started, pre forums.

I posted under a different name a few times, but then I lost my internet access for a while, and ended up forgetting what my user name was, and sadly, the email address I signed up under.

There have been tons of great people coming and going over the years.


Been here for a few myself.



I forgot what my old name was. It was probably Fnord something. That was my old e-mail address.


Yep also been here for quite a while. Sometimes quietly, sometimes not so quietly.



I remember the old site, its was all yellow, blue and black. Weekly issues instead of a daily article, and with the Atomic Dawg, they had reader mail which was great, especially when they ripped on someone who said things that were just idiotic. Hell, even Tim had articles back then or responded to reader's mail.

No forums either, just the store and articles.


here you go:



Yeah, i remember the old site. Have a couple of the old mags somewhere around the house. I read almost everything, but leave all the posting to others.


Been reading for 6 years, posting for about 5.5. I too remember waiting for new articles on Fridays...


I remember the stuff they used to sell that you sprayed on your skin after you had a shower...seventy pumps or something. Can't remember what it was called though. Like others chimed in, looked foward to friday and new articles. Lurked for years. Found out about this site from an old site called Ironmag.com. Couple of guys from Norway of I think.

Coach Davies?,Cy?,Dr.Berardi.


Started lurking here around 2003-2004. What a great source of information this site was, and still is. I remember learning much about training and nutrition and physiology behind them back then. That information led me to choose my future profession actually. Thanks T-Nation! Thanks TC and all the great past, current and future contributors!

I have to admit though that I can't seem to get that much out of this site than I used to. I still find my self browsing the old pre-2005 articles rather than the most brand new ones. Dave Tate and Thin need to write a lot more stuff!


I've been here for awhile, though I don't post a lot...



Androsol and Norandrosol. Great stuff, especially mixed with fina pellets.


Think you're talking about either androsol or nandrosol...

Yeah I've been here a long time too....welcome back, lot's of changes, most for the better. I think the one thing I miss is it used to be almost our own little club, not so anymore with the growth over the years. But then I doubt half the new supplements would be here, as well as other cool features on the site.

Ya I remember waiting for friday to come to read the new articles - I kinda like the instant gratification of every day now, though.