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Anyone Remember Dave Fisher?

I was a big fan of his for quite a while…

OH yeah, he had a magazine column for a while. He was the first guy who mentioned using a "Beta Agonist’ in an interview on his contest prep, and when the interviewer asked him if he’d care to elaborate, he just said no -lol


I still remember a nutrition article he wrote in Ironman Magazine.

In the Q&A or whatever it was, an enourmously obese man had asked him how to lose the weight (he was close to dying I believe).

He included his daily food intake which of course was grossly high in calories, maybe 12,000 or something stupid. He eat 8 PB&J sandwhiches, a gallon of chocolate milk etc., etc.

Dave told him this WAS NOT his area of expertise but added that what he’d like him to do is start by changing to whole-wheat bread, low-fat PB and 2% chocolate milk. Not to actually eat LESS, just better.

I think just those kinds of changes dropped thousands of calories from his diet but he was still eating very similar amounts of food.

It was a cool way of solving the problem and it actually works well with “regular” people too.

Good guy, that Dave.

dave’s a great guy! i see him almost everyday at my gym. he knows his stuff and is the best bodybuilding trainer around. when dave talks people listen. awesome physique too… the dude walks the walk!

Wow, that’s great!

I assumed he was the way you described for some reason. Glad to hear he’s doing well.

I looked up a bodybuilder from my past and found out he died years ago, very sad.

Your story about Dave makes it a little better.