Anyone Remember Converging Bench Press Bar Advertised in 80s/90s BB Mags?

In the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a “bar” advertised regularly in bodybuilding magazines for bench pressing where the hands could be pulled together. It consisted of 2 pieces that joined behind the head with a spring action. It was loaded like a bench with regular plates.

Anyone remember the name? Did it suck? The “crossover” resistance was limited by the strength of the spring. It also might have been a little hard to use because the plates wouldn’t easily clear the catchers on the bench rack. Anyway, I was interested in trying to find one but using it with resistance bands attached at the floor like a powerlifter might do a band press, since the bands would not only pull it down, but also pull it apart at the bottom.

Look to the West!

Westside Barbell Freak Bar. Only $427.


What the shit, I swear to god I thought I was the first one to have this idea, only to find out it existed before I did.