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Anyone Recover from Slap Tear?

Slap Tear Left Shoulder any of you guys recoverd from this? I recently did the surgerery 5 weeks ago they said they put a bio bolt in to keep my bicep tendon in place… It hurts like a bitch but Im just now starting to stretch out. I can almost reach out in front of me… Any of you guys go throgh something like this? Any pointers on how to heal faster? How long before you got back on the heavy stuff?

Are you doing physical therapy at all? If not, why?

Here’s a typical protocol of what to be expected, I don’t suggest you do this on your own. Good luck.


Thanks man good article… Im still in a sling so no PT yet… Im suposed to take it out and do some streatching excersises 5x a day. They had me in a imobilizer the first 4 weeks… I start PT in Feb… I think they are a bit too cautiouse…Dr’s orders so Im just doing what they say… I was looking to see if there were any suplements or a certain diet helps heel faster.

I got this from my GF who received her B.S. in nutrition and dietetics, maybe it will help in your case. You can find this info online so it’s not a hidden secret or anything.

Foods That Promote Inflammation in the Body

Refined Processed foods-
Fast food
Lunch meat (unless ?off the bone?)

Saturated/Trans Fats-
Vegetable oils
Animal fat

Refined carbohydrates-
White bread
White rice

Red meat

Full-fat dairy-