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Anyone really know androgenic difference between 1ad & 4ad

Im considering purchasing injectable 1-ad and 4-ad cyp. Does anyone really know the androgenic/anabolic ratio differences between the two. Someone should make a chart on the differences between all these new prohormones that are popping up. Which can aromatize, which is more androgenic/anabolic, what binding class are they, can they convert to dht, are they are dht base, etc…


My only answer is… if you have the courage to poke yourself with a needle, then SKIP the prohormones, it’s a waste. Just do the real thing if you are so concerned with aromitization and side effects. Prohormones must be taken at a high dosage anyway for them to have any significant effect.

check over at animal’s board I think thats their specialty

Ass nutrition is full of useless advice. That is all.


Inject type is more safety than those oral type, as oral type is very harmful to your liver. Generlly the side effect is still the same, but of course the side effect will come out obviously if you abuse it. Over doseage dosen’t mean good, as your body can only tolerate up to a certain dosage, those extra dosage will then turn to estrogen( a kind of side effect ). I have tried Deca & Sustenon personally, both inject type I found it is very good, in fact the only side effect happened on my body is got acne on my back, Deca act as a milder to the side effect. My dosage is, Deca 300mg/week & Sustenon 500mg/week, I strictly don’t go beyond this dosage, as I know that it is extra for my body, this cycle last for 10 weeks, and I did medical check up every month to ensure my body is ok. Lastly if you don’t apply a good & effective diet along this cycle, in the end you may end up wasting money on those prohormones. Hope this ans can satisfy you.