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Anyone Read Poverty and Progress by Henry George?

I am considering buying the book but I am wondering if I should get the abridged “reader’s edition” or the unabridged version.

Unabridged: http://www.amazon.com/Progress-Poverty-Henry-George/dp/1596051507/ref=sip_rech_dp_10
Abridged: http://www.amazon.com/Progress-Poverty-Abridged-Henry-George/dp/0911312102/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1291246801&sr=8-1

I do not want a watered down version, but if the original has an absurd amount of archaic language or obscure references, I do not want to be bogged down. Alternatively, if the abridgment is just a more comprehensive but generally unadulterated version of the original, I’d rather go with that.

If it matters for your recommendation, I would say I have an above average vocabulary and intelligence and marginally above beginner economic knowledge.

Haven’t read it, but here is the online version which you can scan through: