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Anyone Read Huge in a Hurry?


Has anyone read/implemented Chad Waterburyâ??s new book Huge in a hurry? Iâ??m reading it now and wanted some other opinions before I start it up.


I read it few months ago. Good to read, another training technique, I have not applied it yet but, I will probably do it. Just need to find the right timing in my periodization to introduce it.


Ive read it, and its got some great information. I think its a really good program, especially for people that are clueless, but most on this site dont fit into that category. I have both of his books, and use them as references from time to time, but the only thing I really follow consistently out of there, is to always lift as fast as possible.


Waterbury stuff is good for the n00bie but that's really about it.


I got a copy, still haven't read it. Won't read it either, it doesn't suit my goals. So if anyone is interested...


Ive read it and been doing the workouts, Ive finished get big and now i'm in phase 3 of get strong. the best thing that helped is the super heavy workout. where you lift a 2 to 3 rep max untill you get to 15. my squat and deadlift numbers always keep improving with this. as far as improvements i started at like 180 lbs now and got to 196lbs through get big and get strong. 3 day workouts are more convienient for me too and my workouts only take like a hour. I like how the book flows and is written, and it does seem like a great book for people just beginning.


I did the get big phase. It's not really a bodybuilding program. I didn't notice any sizeable gains in my body but it did become more balanced. There is little calf work though just a few sets of heavy single leg calf raises every week.

I did and hopefully you will too see a huge improvement in your athletics. My mobility was awesome during this program and endurance. And I went from a typical .300 batthin average centerfielder to hitting in the .400's with alot more extra base hits. I really think it can be acredited to the program. It is mobility, stretching and muscle building for sports. I'll probably pick up get strong during wrestling.


Awesome thanks for the feed back!
One additional question. Before I started this book I read the New HIT by Ellington Darden.

In comparison from the two books they have the same idea of full body training except the differences are:

HIT says after a few months you end up only lifting 2 times every week and a half (Roughly)

Huge in a Hurry (Iâ??m only on chapter 3) has given me the impression that the more the better. As if we should lift total body daily.

They also differ in lifting speed:

HIT = 6 second reps (3 seconds concentric 3 seconds Eccentric) No more than 120 seconds per set

Huge in a Hurry says about 12 seconds for the entire set

IT seems that HIT is focused more on training ALL the energy systems as Huge in a Hurry is more focused on the anaerobic system primarily.

What are your thoughts on this?


what are your goals?


The four pillars of strength is an article to read in relation to this. Being young we have plenty of time. I've tried mixing the two lately with a new program but it leaves me completely drained. I think there isn't really a debate as to which is better. It is just trying them at diffrent times. I've also read the new HIT and I don't think any of the training programs are really great, just harder than hell. Its the message of the new HIT that is worth keeping. Carpe Diem seize the day, train bust your butt. But than go have fun and there is life outside of bodybuilding/training.

Anyways sorry if that doesn't entirely answer your question. My opinion beyond the science do Waterbury's programs until your bored or you hit a stickkng point. Than try Dr. Darden's both are great programs and I'm sure just by switching it up you'll grow. good luck.


Waterburys philosphy is to train as much total mass possible, and involve the biggest muscle fibers possible. I think his methods are great. To me what you get out of Waterbury is more functional strength. Your lifts don't just go up in the weight room but your performance goes up in whatever you do. I notice it in my dunks in basketball, to doing backflips, to trying to slam my 260 lbs friend when we try to imitate the ufc. He really teaches you how to use your nervous system. Its not really a bodybuilding program, but you do get a more athletic physique. ill be honest I did change a few things, instead of the close grip decline bench I did db decline and instead of calf work i did shrugs.and I never did the front or overhead squats just regular back squat. hope that helps


Wow, I'm surprised you haven't gotten flamed yet that this is the bodybuilding forum. My opinion of CW is that his material is generally better for newbs or athletes because it tends to be more strength/functional oriented. Yes, you can gain size on his program if you are eating correctly. I can't imagine someone increasing their bench, squat or deadlift by 100+ pounds and not seeing some size increase. But for bodybuilding purposes, the lack of direct arm training among other things make his programs less than ideal.


Why would I get flamed?
Thanks for all the feed back. And to answer the question above my goal is hypertrophy. Iâ??m training to compete in a body building show next year and just like to hear others opinions.


Because CW is one of the more polarizing authors on this site. Some people love his work and others absolutely hate it. I'll just go ahead and paraphrase what many of the CW naysayers will say. "If you want to be a bodybuilder, then why wouldn't you train like a bodybuilder (i.e. splits)"?

Now I don't mean to sound like a CW hater (I'm pretty neutral when it comes to the love/hate thing). He basically repackaged how a lot of old-school lifters trained back in the day (starr, park, etc). I just question certain aspects of his philosophy like stopping a set when the rep slows down.