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Anyone Read Dale Carnegie?

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.â¿¿Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Funny lately I’ve been thinking about this exact quote from him today and I look over just now and there it is.

I know a man who is very successful worth over half a billion. He’s also one of the most out going people I’ve met. Anyways he hipped me to Dales book, something that changed his life. Although I’m not that much of a success I’ve found his book had a positive impact on my life as well.

Over that last few years I’ve met others that read the book, some were moved and some weren’t. Going by the title you might think the people who need this book aren’t the most liked or they might be trying to manipulate others and for that reason I keep it out of the book shelf. Thing is this isn’t the case and we all could use some self improvement no matter who you might be.

I’ve read the book. The title is horrible, but the advice is spot on. I have heard people make fun of his writing, because they have only read the title. If you read what he is saying, it makes sense i.e. Treat people with respect and they might want to listen to you.

I read the book back n the 70�??s. I think it should be required reading for everyone

Awesome book. On the topic of books that make us better, Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is great and it’s not really about getting rich.

I tried reading it about a year ago but got really bored with it about 15 percent of the way through. It seemed like he just kept harping on about how everyone, sooner or later, can eventually realize “The Secret,” and it felt like he was taking forever to get to an actual point.

Is it really worth finishing? If so, perhaps I’ll pick it up again.

[quote]LawSchoolGuy wrote:
Awesome book. On the topic of books that make us better, Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is great and it’s not really about getting rich.[/quote]

Hi there, I defiantly agree, it’s a fantastic book. It’s debatable whether or not it is well written. Never the less, the “soul” of the book (is that solid english?) is great. An other absolutely mind blowing book to me was:“7 habits of highly effective people”.

The title sucks and doesn’t cover the book at all, but still a really brilliant book. A must read!!
Books like “The Secret” have given Personal Development a bad rap. A bad thing, for a lot of wisdom is to be taken out the gems that are out there.

Read on brothers

I forgot to mention there’s also an audio version that I downloaded.

excellent book, what are other good reads, wasn’t there a “must read book” thread a while back or am i crazy?

Duuuuude, Karma…

Great book, a little old hat in parts but mostly timeless advice nonetheless.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad started it all for me. An easy one to read

Think and Grow rich, I second this as mentioned above

7 Habits of Highly Effective people
The Tao of Pooh
Chicken Soup for the Soul

in the beginning of this school year (last october) I read Brian Tracy, Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and I must say it’s some excellent advice in theirs books. I’ve taken into account some of their ideas and it really helped me with my success in college.

I’m planning to do the same this year too, and make it a habit (read them at least once a year, because it really works).

What I like about them is that they, although they write about positive thinking too, mainly focus on getting successful via working (working harder, organising your time better, not thinking about thousand things and really focusing on one thing, doing the hardest things first, staying motivated, …-no gimmicks).