Anyone Read: Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach: A Reference Guide For Year-Round Bodybuilding Success?

Has anyone read: Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach: A Reference Guide For Year-Round Bodybuilding Success.

Do you recommend it?

@T3hPwnisher has read more lifting books than I knew even existed. He might have an opinion.

@Voxel has recommended this to me on several occasions, but I haven’t actually read it at this time. I’m sure he has some thoughts on it though.

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@throwawayfitness If I recommend it or not depends on what you want to get out of it. I’d argue that as a training reference, the book won’t satisfy that itch and you’d be much better served by reading Fortitute Training by the same author. Meanwhile, if your primary interest is nutrition and tinkering with the various inputs that all add up to building your body the text can be an excellent tool to superspeed that process.

You’ll find that it talks about autoregulation, nutrition, recovery, coming out of a diet, etcetera. and unlike most other texts that I have read on these topics the statements in the book cite its sources.

I believe anyone that has acquired enough interest in training beyond merely following cookie-cutter programs can benefit from reading it - perhaps not cover to cover but surely by exploring the sections that are of interest to the reader. While most of the contents therein can be found for free having everything gathered is a boon.

It really taught me to approach things less emotionally and more with a tinkering mindset. Set out to do X for 1-2 weeks, evaluate, adjust while cutting through a lot of cruft and saving myself a lot of trial and error.

Appreciate the mention @T3hPwnisher


Useful, thoughtful reply. Thank you.

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