Anyone Prefer TRT?

I’m curious, I know a lot of steroid users who say they will pretty much never stop using because they feel like its enhanced their life in many respects, not just in their gym goals but also sex appeal, motivation etc etc.

I don’t see many TRT guys espousing the same mentality, is there any of you who feel TRT is superior (within reason) to relying on your natural androgen production, hampered or unhampered?

I can see why TRT is a pain for many, costs of drugs, bloodwork, dealing with fertility issues when the time comes, but I can also see many reasons why it would be something to consider with the generational decline in androgen levels among men and being able to tinker with your endocrine system to where you feel at your best.

I had t levels in the 220-270 range. My quality of life has greatly improved since starting TRT at 100mg a week divided into 2 doses.

Now if i had had normal t levels to begin with then i dont see that TRT would have improved my life at all, as my t levels would still be the same, just artificial now instead of natural. If anything i think QOL would have decreased because atrophy shuts down more than just T and you would only be putting T back in your system. doesnt make sense to me to get on TRT if you have naturally acceptable levels. ( im talking about real acceptable levels, not doctor acceptable levels)

I agree with Ned. Of course those of us on a TRT protocol are seeking a level of normalcy that has eluded us. Many aspects of my life have improved since getting my levels back to near normal. There are frustrations that come with a lifetime of injections, bloodtests, endo visits ect. but the pros outweigh the cons for me. Obviously I would rather have no hormonal issues at all but at least there are options available to us.

TRT done correctly with a good diet and several other supplements is awesome. I’m very happy with my choice. It’s life changing. I think to many people expect instant results and there are a few but over the course of several years you really see the positives. Between TRT and my naturopathic Dr life has never been better and I just turned 40. I look younger and I’m in way better shape than was at 30.

My advice is don’t concentrate on just TRT. Correct and balance your body and mind. I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve seen on here that expect TRT to solve all of their issues. The solution for me was TRT and certain supplements recommend by my naturopath. The combo has been awesome.

Hi brentf13, could you name a few of the important supplements you take in addition to TRT? I’m curious because I’m trying to determine which supplements are a must when on TRT. Thanks!