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Anyone play the guitar up in here?

Does anyone play the guitar here? I need help tuning very low to Dd Aa Dd Aa Gg Bb Its the tuning Mike from Staind uses, I understand he has a baritone guitar, but I wanna give it a shot on mine (some people tell me its possible, but the strings are very loose). I can play most their songs (modified of course) in drop d but i want to play them the correct way…I just cant/don’t know how to tune the guitar to that tuning correctly (drop d and standard are the only tunings I know). Anyone know of any sites that may be able to help me out? Any help is appreciated…thanks

If I read this correctly, you want to tune DADAGB, right? Drop your low E to D, leave your A and D string where they are. Next tune your B to a G using your G. Now tune your G down to A, using your A string. For the B, tune your high E down until it matches the 4th fret on your new G string. Got it? OR, you could buy another set of strings and string your guitar accordingly…which would seem like a waste of time to play Staind songs ;)If this ain’t clear, or you want some more info on alternate tuning, let me know; I was an alterante tuning junkie a few years ago.

No guitar, but I’ve been playing and teaching bass for years. As long as you’re tuning to a suitable electronic tuner, you should be fine. When you drop-tune your axe, remember to do a set-up on it or the intonation will be all screwed up. Harmony Central online should have the info you need. Just do a search. Good luck.

Keep one string the same as it’s supposed to be (one you’ll always know the pitch of) & use it to tune the other ones my fingering different notes. Except for b-c e-f, all the other whole tones are 2 frets apart. After you get the strings the way you want them, you can use them to change the one you left alone. You’ll probably have to get thicker gauge strings if you’re dropping them a lot.

Go out and buy the heaviest gauge strings, 12’s, and then tune down. This works because your guitar will be really low, but you will have the string tight as if you were playing in a normal tuning or close. This works really well if you are tuning down to A, but you’ll only be doing that if you play metal.

I agree with dinosaur, buy the heaviest strings you can find, i use 12’s in standart tuning so you wont have any problems. You might have to check your intonation though, because it will defenitly change with this.

PS in case you dont know, you check your intonation by comparing the pitch ot the harmonic in the 12 fret to the freted note, and you adjust the strings lenght until they are bouth the same.

Oh , and i agree with with rubberman, all this trouble to play staind tunes??

Well, I just started playing a couple months ago. Can’t help you out with the tuning but do you guys know of any good sites and/or mags for songs, guitars, stuff like that? I already know of tabcrawler.com. Any other cool spots?

guitarnotes.com is a very good site for both tabs and chord charts. There are also a lot of pages devoted to individual artists, which I believe you can also find through guitarnotes. As far as paper mags go, GuitarOne was always my fav…more tabs, but the others (Guitar Player, Guitar World) are ok, but full of ads. But unlike muscle mags, guitar mags have cool ads.

While we’re talking guitar here, what gear does everyone use? I’m down to my trusty acoustic now, but back in the day i was all about my fender telecaster, bad-motherfucker Randall (I don’t remember the model or anything, but the head was red, the cab was snakeskin and it was the heaviest fucking thing on the planet) and a whole wack o’ pedals…Digitech Whammy Wah, Boss Metal Zone. Rock n’ Roll!

I had a bunch of them…Now i have a Epifone Sheraton, a spanish classical guitar, an ESP electric wich is broken, i had a yamaha 12 string wich i loved, qa Marshal 30 aniversary 3 chanel 1*12 combo, some pedals, a bunch of percursion instruments. But the thing now is computers and keyboards!! I do everything by myself, i dont have to put up with drummers and guitar players, or anyone else for that matter. I compose, perform, mix, produce,and master a professional sounding CD in my bedroom! Anyone out there doing this also? If so what are you using?

Iuse to have a Ibanes 770DX but I soldit cause I was not playing it, major mistake. Now I have an old les paul studio, that needs some serious work . My amp is one of those new Crates, the DX212, 100 watts, on board digital effects, perfect is you don’t have room for a lot of gear.

I play a Gibson Les Paul Custom – a birthday present from my parents, best one I ever got --through a Marshall JMP 1 preamp, an ADA power amp, and a Marshall 4X12 Cabinet (or is it 4X10? I forget). I hope someday to replace the preamp and power amp with a Mesa dual rectifier, which is for my money the coolest head on the planet. As far as tuning down goes, I like Ernie Ball “light top, heavy bottom” strings. I can tune my beast all the way down to B flat to play Morbid Angel songs with no problems.

this is my set-up: 60’s fender strat collectible, fender 60’s tele collectible, Ibanez s470, and a trace elliot super tramp. don’t really use a lot of effects except for my boss delay unit. This unit I think is from the 70’s because it is as big as a marshall head, but it sounds good. What style does everybody play? I play jazz, classical, metal, blues, and whatever I can come up with.

I’ve got a Strat(don’t know what age), & an excellent 1975 Guild D-40 dreadnought :slight_smile: I used to be really into playing, but now I just foll around with it.

If i ever play electric, which i havent in months, i´ll probably play some jazzy stuff. On the classical i play mostly etnic flavored stuff, usualy intermodal, more exotic scales. On the computer i make mostly dub and chill out songs, sometimes house music.