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anyone play some paintball?

I was just curious if anyone played paintball.

I just started about 2 months ago and have been loving it. I mostly play woodsball, tried speedball but didn’t care for it much. I like being in the woods , stalking, and hiding and defending a point.

we got about 10 guys that will play on a regular basis, not alot but its sufficiant.

So if you play what do you like best…woodsball,speedball,scenario games?


If i can get enough money I’d like to buy a gun and play this summer. Speedball doesn’t sound like much fun to me either, but i like the idea of scenario games and this woodsball you speak of. I’d like to be a paintball sniper that’d be cool.

I prefer water colors because they iritate the skin less although oil based has its own merits… oh wait… you mean paintball, as in one word? I thought you meant… oops…

Hey SF,

Once you are able to go ahead and get a marker, its tons of fun. I have a tippman98 custom, pretty reliable and everything I have read says you can use them as a hammer, throw them around, dunk them in a creek…everything and they still work perfect. My buddy bought a tournament grade marker(dye autococker) for 1100 bucks…and the thing is broke already and it was his first time bringing it out. my marker with a 20oz tank, mask,hopper and all was around 160, found the deal on the net, alot of stores had the same package for well over 200.

anyway good luck to you