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Anyone Play Minecraft?


Didn't know where to put this so I decided to post it here. Anyone play Mc? have any thoughts on it? anyone who has it I need help. Do you know if you can use your world on two different pc's and if so how?


I have only played the free version but am going to eventually get the paid one. That shit is like crack.


I've played off and on for a few months. Generally, I take on a massive project (like a castle), work on it for a while, get bored, stop playing for weeks and then come back to try something new. Pretty addictive in that sense, but I wish building were a bit faster.

To your question, you want to look for the file on your computer with the game data. I'm running Vista, so the extension is C:\Users\My Name\AppData\Roaming.minecraft, look up the corresponding folder if you're running another OS. You'll see a folder in there titled Saves with separate folders for each world. Copy the folder you want and paste it into the saves folder of your other computer.

Disclaimer I've never tried it, but it should work.


If you're a fan of Minecraft - you may also like Terraria; much like MC but is side scroll-based.

I've barely ventured into the world - but I imagine that if you play on a specific server,(or your own) then it's possible to be accessed across two computers etc.

All I know is that this game has a steep learning curve - but people are building really incredible structures and coming up with some real unique ideas for loot farming etc.


my friends played Minecraft, then pllayed Terraria.

all i know is i saw some burning house video of Minecraft on youtube, and it was fucking hilarious.


Ill try that later and see if it works, thanks! can never have too much Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that funny video is all I know of it too. I like how calm the guy was.."Oh no...that's on fire now. That's not what I wanted" Lol


I cant seem to find where my saves are stored :confused:


This game is insane.

I was digging deep, deep, deep into the mountain because I wanted iron and I found redstones instead.

Those things can transmit energy and I think they were meant to be used to build simple traps.

However, some nerd quickly figured out that you can build logic circuits with this stuff and I seriously doubt that this was intended.

Theoretically you could build a calculator with this stuff.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to build a mechanic trap I could trigger with such a circuit, or else I would let 5 monsters or so wander in a corral and then have a trap triggered.

Pig cannon:

Dunno who build this, but it is awesome.


The 1.7 update might be pretty cool... Notch posted a picture of underground ravines. I still play MC occasionally. Not creative enough for big projects, I just like to explore and build small random rooms or houses.

Terraria is also awesome! 1.0.5 added a TON of new stuff. Much more of a game than MC is I think in that you can kill more stuff. And PvP, too.


question: what the shit is minecraft?


digital crack


holy shit, that video is unreal. I got some fright when the cannon shot the sheep hahaha. that must of took some length of time to do all that, I just spent the last few hours making a house surrounded by a motte with an underwater passage way. I was delighted with it lol


"Pig, this is your finest hour."



The unholy trinity: Minecraft, Terraria, EVE Online.


A bunch of my middle school students are really into it. I do not get it. It is funny when they raid/destroy someone else's "hard work".


I think the fascination is that it is really, really simple and yet you can combine elements to produce the most elobarate stuff, like a plate triggered arrow machine gun or a fully automated train terminal underground.

The big buildings are meh in my opinion, but some people combine the elements in an extremely clever and unexpected way, I have already found the first primitive computer.


Ah! Then excuse my ignorance. These kids were just going around and making buildings and other lame things. They did let me go zombie hunting ... once it got dark. Pretty funny



You dont hunt monsters, you farm them.


Nice try ^^ you almost suckered me into playing ... almost