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Anyone Play BF3 on the PS3?


my PSN is AccipiterQ on there if anyone wants to be e-cyber-inter-www-intra-net-friends


I'll add you at the weekend but i'll only have teh BF3 for limitz time.


PSN: Fuzzyapple.


My PSN is GeneSATX. I usually get on with a few buddies to get a solid squad going. You'd be welcome to join us


That'd be great. I'm at the point now where I rage quit if I end up on teams that are all playing lone-wolf or 1/2 snipers.


Yeah that's really frustrating. It's way more fun when we have our squad and everyone is playing their role. We coordinate our times and such at unlimitedsportsgaming.com/forum if you want to check that out. If not just hit me up if you see me on


i'll give you a game when i get my blu ray repaired!


I need a squad to do teamwork constantly on each other's backs. That's what I wish I had. Plus more people with mics AND if BF3 can fix their terrible mic system...


Fuzzyapple hit me up too. Our whole squad is always micd up


Thanks everyone!

I have to say after playing the whole BF series on PC it was a rough transition to PS3....the joysticks just aren't as sensitive no matter what I do with sensitivity settings. I can deal with that though, as long as I'm not going 1 vs. 12 going for MCOMs on rush.




No one plays with me. I dominate bitches.


I don't play video games so may I just add that I'm still thinking BF is boyfriend?

I'm not trying to be a hater.


Deathb4disco1866 add me I try to get an hour in everyday.


Cheese it! We're found out!