Anyone Own the EconoProwler?

I posted this in another thread, but for the real thrifty among us, here’s what I made:

Just slide this onto a sled:


Any time strongman equipment is brought up, I have to give a shout out to Alan’s products. the lowest prices you will find. You can get standard farmers handles for about $100 shipped.

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I have a question. Why do people use prowlers as opposed to pulling tires?
You can easily attach a wooden board to the inside bottom on one of the holes and add weight that way.
Also you can find tires for free and basically at any size in garages or other such places. Rope and all that is cheap.

With the pulling tires you are describing, all you can do is pull, right? The Prowler and the like don’t just provide the ability to add weight plates put also the ability to push from various angles. I suppose you could push a tire from the low position, but nothing more upright than that.

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a knock off, but a cheap knock off.[/quote]

Nice link, Storm!

Mentally putting together my home gym for when I return from Iraq and seeking out strength equipment online is practically a second career for me, so how the hell I have not come across this place, I don’t know…

But they have so really nice deals…

A hard faced ski would certainly do more damage to a yard than one with out it because it is really difficult to get the hard facing perfectly smooth. That said, I don’t think it would do irreparable damage to a yard as long as you didn’t load it up too much. That’s just a guess.

I have an econo prowler and have had it since Christmas 2008. I was worried about the skis wearing too quickly and I use it on asphalt. I use it an average of 3 times a week.

I have a buddy who is a welder and I had him make me a set of skis out of thicker steel. I haven’t had to use them yet but I have them setting around. I gave him one of the originals to use as a template. He made them cheaper for me that I could have bought them from EFS once you figured in shipping.

ETA: I’ve pushed it on grass… unless you have a super level yard, it won’t work as the front ski will dig into the ground and catch and that isn’t fun when you are running with it. Pushing it on grass is also harder than to push it on asphalt.

For asphalt, I made some wooden skids out of hard oak, screwed on with lag screws. They wear out after a dozen or so uses, but at least they are replaceable inexpensively. For grass, you can leave them off.

Why not just push a pickup truck or something similar. You could even design some sort of hand grips to be put on the tailgate or bumper and give it hell that way.

If it’s too easy on pavement, push the vehicle on grass… that will get ya working, haha.

i have one great tool.I glued carpet to the bottom so i could use indoor.(gym floor) great for power and strength.10 to 20 yards for speed and power 50% to 60% max load .strength 40 to 50 yards also good for anarobic conditioning 8 to 10 sec on 30sec off x10.strength endurance 5 to 10 min push for also building up your work capacity and also mental toughness.I hear there is a new product coming out called grip4orce and its supposed to be the real deal in devoloping forearm size and real grip strength.

Do you have a contact for Alan? I used my wife’s myspace to try and contact him but haven’t heard back. I’m really interested in getting the econo farmers handles. Is he on this site? Any info would be great!



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Samsuperjew wrote:

get the lungbreaker

its 300 dollars (free shipping and handling) has 2 different grips, is available in a few different colors etc.

download the brochure

The issue I have with that design is that it looks like the skis are welded to the frame. In that case you’d have to have them hard-faced continually to avoid wearing them out. I guess it’s not like you couldn’t have new ones welded on but that’s a lot more involved than simply tightening a few nuts.

And at $300 it’s no cheaper than the E-Prowler. The $90 sled and $155 FW handles look like awesome bargains though. Sweet link.[/quote]

Our gym has several pieces of equipment from SNP, he’s a friend of mine. You will not wear out those skis any time soon… They are a pretty thick gauge of steel.