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Anyone Own A Celica?


hey fellas, does anyone here own a 2000 or newer Toyota Celica? If so, is it the GT or GT-S? How much did you pay for it? And how much is your insurance? im tryin to buy me one here pretty soon, im lookin at a 2001 GT with about 50k miles on it. its priced at 13,750 but im pretty sure i can talk em down a bit.


check out
My little brother is on that forum (he has a 1992 celica and has swapped out for a 4AGE 20v engine)


For a car with 50k miles on it, thats 6 years old, that toyota doesnt produce anymore... 13750 sounds a bit high. Definitly work it down.


oh yeah defnitely. its CERTIFIED i dont know if that makes much of a shit or not lol


Holy crap that's a lot of dough. For that kind of change you could pick up a '00-'02 LS1 TA or Z28 that would absolutely whoop the hell out of the celica and many cars for that matter.
Insurance would be a little more.
With a 6 spd you could get 26mpg highway too.

Now, this is what I'm talking about
Great price too, damn, I need to get some money, lol


men do not drive celicas, mini-coopers, 3 series, A4s, miatas, camaros, etc ...

this whole thread should be made a sub-set of the Openly Gay T-Members thread

cars are not necessarily about having balls ... but they are about not having a vagina

buy a civic



I disagree (for the most part) with that.

The camero cut just doesn't really work on women...


I own an '03 Hyundai Tiburon GT - V6, 6 sd manual - it ROCKS.

...not a celica, true, but in Gran Turismo, it kicks the ass off of everything else in its class and price range. (plus it comes with a dual mass clutch - preeety dope).

(and for the record, good mileage too - 26+ hwy)


I hope that was a joke.


You're kidding me right? nothing says gay more than a civic with a weedwacker for a muffler..

camaros aren't for guys, LOL, that's funny


That price seems WAY high...NADA puts it at 10, or a little over 12 if it's in pristine, perfect condition. They're overpricing it on you so I would stay away...Have you test drove one? They seem small to me on the inside and they just have a small car feel to it. Which is fine if that's what you want. Good to get in and out of parking lots and all. The suspension also seems tight, but not in that race car tight kind of way...


god man what an ass hole haha. i currently HAVE a civic and when i bought it, it had headers and full exhaust, so it sounds like a fuckin weed wacker as he put it lol, and it drives me insane. i guess i love celicas enuff that if getting one makes me gay, then hell ill go put on some Its Rainin Men music.


yeah actually i test drove it last week and i loved the feel of it. it was in PERFECT condition, had a mechanic take alook at her, no mechanical problems that they could find, perfect pain condition, it was extremely clean. im gonna go in again and try to throw 10 at em and see what i can get em down to.


nothin wrong with driving a celica.

and, only reason I mentioned the civic being "gay" is because the poster was dissing a Camaro for not being a guy's car. I'm sorry, but if a Camaro isn't a guy's car, then no way in hell a civic is, lol


lmao i totally agree with ya man. tryin to put a deep soundin exhaust on a civic would be just.... embarassing, if even possible. but i just got a quote from my insurance company, and its only gonna run me about 125 a month, which amazed me i figured itd be around 200. so i think if i can get me a co-signed on a loan imanna do er! this is the exact one im lookin at.


I just checked out that new Ford Fusion, and man, what a sweet ride it is.....


excellent consumer decision

OR ... OR ... OR ...

you could just buy a stock car for the purposes of locomotion and save the muffler money for ... a few books, a nice meal, or perhaps a clue

and anyone with any defense whatsoever for camaros ... stay classy san diego



a coffee can, a can opener and some duct tape?

I've always wanted to do that one night to some rice rockets.


BMW all the way.....


If you want a BMW eater, click away.