Anyone out there still eating P+C+F meals?

Has anyone still been eating P+C+F meals regularly or has JMB scared that thought out of our minds forever?


Yes, whenever I see someone eating a bagel with butter or cream cheese I cringe. JMB has definetly(sp?) scared from ever eating carbs and fats again.

I do it sometimes, but only in the middle of the day, and when I’m not dieting for fat loss.

I do when my metabolism is high (afternoon or post-workout), with mid GI carbs, or in the morning, when the glycogen stores are empty and the only tryglicerides in the blood are from body fat stores.

Sometimes for breakfast. Often, I throw a few of these meals in on the weekends depending on goals. It also depends on the type of carbs. Going over 10g while eating low II or GI fibrous carbs is not going to cause any damage.

Occasionally. Even if you eat one P+C+F meal a day, I think that the “Massive Eating effect” would still apply 80% of the time (assumming that you’re getting at least five meals a day). It’s a trade-off between what you want for your physique and having the ability to live a “normal” social life. I think it’s awfully tough to go out to a restaurant on a date or something and eat Massive Eating style… So if I have a date or a business meeting, then I’ll relax a bit. But when I cook at home, then it’s almost always ME meals.

I’ll eat all three when I’m bulking, unless I feel that I’ve put on too much fat, then I’ll split 4-5 of my meals into the p+f, p+c, meals as described in Massive Eating. But when I’m trying to get lean, the only time I’ll do all three is when I go out with friends, so mabey once every few days.

I eat p+c+f meals for 50% or more of meals. Almost my entire diet consists of meals that are 2 scoops of protein (50 grams) blended in blender with 2 cups oatmeal for 3 meals a day and then for the other 3 meals I mix in 2 fish oil caps and 1 teaspoon olive oil. I also take a multi vitamin and eat fruits. I eat these homemade shakes cuz I wouldn’t have time to eat enough if I didn’t. But I have made great gains like this. p+f+c won’t kill you guys.

Beer and chicken wings with bleu cheese

Macronutrient Combining: Why Bother?

No…no fear…more of a realization of those strategies that will lead to 1) Optimal health and 2)more productive physique enhancemant efforts.

The bottom line of macronutrient combining is to exert some level of control over what beforehand was felt to be “the uncontrollable”: insulin levels…and to be proactive about it prior to the onset of disease states in which chronically high insulin levels appear to play a part (only ONE of which is diabetes, by the way).

Being able to control insulin levels, (particularly where and to what extent it spikes), also has been found to be beneficial (albeit less important overall, but important nonetheless), in our bodybuilding efforts. By doing so, we are able to focus our nutrition in ways that maximize nutrient uptake, favor anabolism, and lessen fat deposition. Therein lays the beauty of the “Massive Eating/Don’t Diet” regimen.

I agree with char and others here. This is a “majority of the time” effect. I really think that “bending the rules” here and there is no problem…in fact it’s probably healthy. The body is very adaptable. So…I’m not so strict on dates and special occasions…watching the Super Bowl or a fight with my Posse…but strict the MAJORITY of the time and DEFINITELY during a pre-determined cycle of some sort.

Eat! Have Fun! Just remember your goals and overall health. With time, like anything else we do often, macronutrient combining will become second nature to you!

I try to avoid this at all costs. However, I usually eat 2 or 3 meals a week like this. Why? Same as chardawg says. It is quite hard to eat out and have under 10g of fat in a meal. If you do, the protein is usually only enough for an eleven year old school girl. Lately, I’ve been traveling with my jug o’ protein and a shaker and consuming 40g of protein after my meals.