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Anyone Ordered From This Site?

I’m ordering for the first time online. I’ve been doing research and it turns out many of the sites are bogus.

Has anyone ordered from selanedomestics.com?** I’ve done searches on the website and havent heard of it as being a scam yet.

It’s ships U.S. Domestic only and it has “references”

**name of source has been slightly modified

Waiting for the flames… look out here they come.

I don’t want to list sources, but I know of some openly advertised online sources that have gotten good feedback. You’ll still have to worry about receiving illegal drugs in the mail, but at least they’ll get sent. PM me if you’re interested.

I just realized that you have 2 posts and that there is a good chance that you have no idea what you’re doing. I won’t provide any sources at this point, but stick around a while and you’ll probably figure it out yourself. After 100 posts I’ll consider sending them your way if you aren’t an idiot.

i would’nt necessarily order 500 bucks worth of gear for the first time there is other legit sources out there with 100-150 dollar minimums you just have to look a little harder


Not saying about this source but shopping around is always ideal. Honestly if you read this and other forums and you will find a good source. I have for about 10 months. Just keep reading specially the “newbie thread”. hint Bill Roberts There are lots of good ones you just have to keep looking. And follow the links posted in the newb thread.

Just be absolutely sure you know what your doing before you order. Have all the money you need to order a full cycle and PCT.

Don’t mean to lecture or anything. I just hate reading posts online about gyno and messed up sides cause someone didn’t know anything about what they are doing.

Good luck

Open source equals the end of this forum…Lot of UGLs are going down.

Keep it up and you will find out.