Anyone on TRT Take a Diuretic on a Regular Basis

If so, which one?

And state if for BP or water retention or both.


I take dandelion root 2x weekly for fluid retention. I also take a beta-blocker and Jardiance for type 2 diabetes which acts as a diuretic as well.

Why do you believe you need a diuretic?

I get abdominal water retention. I know that if I take lasix I lose 4 pounds of water within 24 hours and am fine for about a week then it builds back up.
So I could perhaps dose it once a week. Cardiologist says it’s not heart related. I also take metoprolol and candesartan.

I don’t want to derail this post, I just want to hear what ppl are taking.

Dandelion root does nothing for me.