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Anyone on TRT Ever Added a SARM?

Hi all,

I’ve been on TRT for 8 years. Recently, I’ve been considering trying a SARM like Ligandrol to help with body recomposition. This would be in addition to TRT for a couple months.

If I weren’t on TRT for life, I’d be concerned about recovery of LH and FSH. My main reason to post here is I’m curious if anyone else on TRT has ever tried this. I’m also curious if anyone who “blasted” anything on TRT (SARM or anabolic), would use a post-SERM to target less obvious things like a SHBG spike.

Many thanks

Might get more traction on the pharma page.

Try the search function that is provided.

Body composition has some major influences:
TT and FT
thyroid, iodine, fT3, fT4 rT3 if stressed or history of
IGF-1 and GH
diet and supplements

You would be better off looking at these basics before looking for the next great new pill.

Thanks, I’ll try to search.

Tryed osteobol mk2866, for i a month two weeks noticed better pumps fullness, while i was on testosterone cypionate 200 milligrams weekly trt, i think some sarm have synergistic effect with testosterone.