Anyone on Once Weekly Shots & Getting Results?

Title says it all…

Yes, for six years now. Most do fine with once a week dosing.

What amount?

I’ve considered trying a higher dose, like 150mg per shot. I did do a 100mg protocol about a year ago but didn’t feel
Much from it.

Just haven’t really been able to feel much from
Trt and I’ve tried numerous protocols. Daily, eod, twice a week, weekly and every 2 weeks.


Do it. I’m trying 125 M/W/F it took 4 weeks but I’m feeling that.
Day 53 May 3rd will be the end of this blast. Then its back 80/wk

125 split up 3 times a week or 125 each shot 3 times a week?

So since I’m daily shots right now, should I not inject for a few days leading up to the switch over to weekly shots? Or just jump right in?

I’m on 125 once per week and me T level is too high on day 6. Lowering to 100.

I’m on a blast of 375/wk
You can just go straight to your new protocol dose. It takes weeks to all average out.

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I am the same lenono. If I want to keep everything in range even on peak days I have to stay around 80-100mg/wk. This also keeps my HCT and E2 in check without donating blood or taking an AI.

Bro your diary is where this should go with history.

Both @systemlord and I think you need to work on thyroid. Your numbers are medium low and some are low. Tsh is not a good indicator. You have a doc who runs off tsh and that means he is not up To date with most recent changes in thyroid knowledge.

Free t3 is like free t. Without a properly working thyroid trt doesn’t work very well. Might have libido but everything else stays suppressed. Doesn’t matter where total t is jsut like it doesn’t matter where tsh is if free t is not good in comparison to total or free t3 is in comparison to tsh.