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Anyone On HRT?

When you first thought you had low test, what were your levels at? Please include your age.

Just curious.

Age 47. Total T 136, and low Thyroid, and high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
(the reason I added the extra info)

My GP only wanted to treat the cholesterol and BP, he wasn’t interested in doing any other blood work.

I finally got sent to a different doctor for another reason, and she did more blood work, and now i’ve lost 25 pounds of fat, my BP is perfect, and and my cholesterol is around 140 too, and I’m chasing women like I was 19. (and keeping up too)
200mg/week of T-Cyp.

I’m in the process of wrapping it up. Just had blood work done, I am due to go in on the 24th for results.

I’m now 26. At 190, I had a total free test of approx 200. I have been self medicating on and off since I was 23 :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to getting on something stable, and having an intelligent Dr involved. Will let you know blood work after the appt. Hoping for 200mg/wk of test e. Wish me luck.


Well I talked to the only person who I trust messing with my body and came up with 500mg/wk of test e. It’s been working out pretty well.

That person is me…

After you get your T dosage figured out, I suggest you get your Thyroid checked to see if your HRT tanked your T4/T3 like it did me and hundreds of others. It took me about six months to notice something was “wrong” when I should have felt great, I instead felt tired and moody all over again, kind of like before. BTW, I found out on the internet to check my b/w, and boy was I grateful.


age 42 when I started Test level 230, was scribed test cream, no change in level, moved to androgel, no change in levels, moved to injections pow!!!next test levels 560, already had thyroid low…075 synthroid ed…test e 200 eo week, then moved 100 every week, then split 100 two times a week…feel good…may adjust later to higher dose…

Age 36: T- Level = 212

Everything else was relatively Normal!

Tried the Andro-gel for a bit but it didn’t “cut” it!
Switched to 300 mg Test Enanthate and levels are now in the 500+ range!


[quote]Rooster69 wrote:
Age 36: T- Level = 212

Everything else was relatively Normal!

Tried the Andro-gel for a bit but it didn’t “cut” it!
Switched to 300 mg Test Enanthate and levels are now in the 500+ range!


I’ve got to ask… 300mg how often to test at 500+ ? And how many days after the injection are your tests? I have a reason, please respond.


54, hypo thyroid. I was at 200 before treatment, on a normal range of 300 to 1500. androgel, cream, ok, no big change though. forced by insurance to go IM. started at 200mg/week, test came back at 1800 (ng.dL) way to high, I was raging and growing a lot of muscle without trying. down to 100 every 5 days now, seems fine.

(June 2000) My Primary Care Physician tested both total and free Testosterone. The total was on the low side of average but my free testosterone was 4.5 (normal free testosterone is 11 to 40). He said the free testosterone is what is important. Symptoms:

  1. Major FATIGUE
  2. Depression
  3. Weight gain(fat)
  4. No libido (as in NONE)
  5. Impotence
  6. Change in personality (loss of all aggresiveness)

Tried Androderm and Androgel: no result. Now on 200mG Cypionate per week. Instant return to life. However, my cholesterol shot up to 650 so I am on two medications.

when was the last time your thyroid was checked? T injection do cause trouble there for many people. BTW, if your thyroid isn’t working it has a tendency to screw with cholesterol too. (Google facts)

About once a year. Everything seems fine other than my male glands are not making testosterone.

Interesting side effect of my Armour (dessicated thyroid) used for my hypo—kicks the cholesterol down real low. So much so my least favorite (insurance) physician wanted to put me on meds to raise ie. Main doc told me to eat the way I like. Bacon rggs, cheese and grease. Solved that problem too.

started hrt at age 24… been on for 5 years now. Total test was 229 at age 19, dont remember free test but it was below norm as well. On androgel 10mg and total test is now 520-670 range.

Just started about a month ago age 39. Trying gels now but want to switch to shots. Total T 765 but FreeT constantly low. FreeT is what counts. I take 200mg gel now.

IMO, if your going to have to go on HRT at least get your Test level to high normal why bother to only get it to ~500?