Anyone nutrition stores in Guam?

I’m heading to Guam for a vacation in August. Does anyone know of any nutrition stores where I may pick up some Mag-10 and Hot Rox? Thanks


Big willie,

Link up with anyone Military while you’re there, there is a GNC on CAMNAVMAR (the base on the southern side of the island) There is also at least a kiosk on the airforce base at the north side of the island. Security is tight so I don’t know what they’re doing about letting civilians on base but it’s worth a shot, especially if you’re stuck in Korea with no nutriiton stores.

Sorry I couldn’t help further, I haven’t been there for about three years.


I left Guam in 2000, but I bought all my supplements at NutriSport or Vitamin World. The owner of the GNC at that time was very hard to get along with and WAY overpriced. The guys at NutriSport were very nice and the prices were good. Hope it helps.

Thanks guys. There are GNC stores in Seoul but as you can probably guess, they’re both on base and off-limits to my Canadian ass. So I’m confined to buying supps at the underground black market. The prices actually aren’t bad but I’d rather have a little better selection. I’ll try NutriSport. Thanks