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Anyone Noticing Disruption in T Supply?

So…I just joined here (obviously). Question, has anyone noticed a disruption in T supply?

In regards to pharma T or UGL?
I’ve seen a few TRT guys mention pharma T has been an issue to get a hold of during covid. UGL hasn’t been a problem for me anyway.

Doc-prescribed TRT here. No issue getting my prescription.

Walmart was out briefly, CVS is currently out. I have a stockpile so I’m okay. I was at Walmart, thety sent it to CVS when they were out, and CVS is cheaper so I’m waiting.

I’m in Alberta, Canada and on prescribed TRT. Every pharmacy is out and no timeline when they will be able to re-stock. Doc suggested the Gel until then. Any opinions?

Are they out of just Delastryl, or generics too?

All testosterones.

I do TRT on my own now, but when I was on the script it would often take a long time to get my Test. Because they can’t send it early as it is a scheduled drug in the US, I couldn’t order until I was almost out. My point is, that it isn’t a terrible idea to get a couple bottles of UGL for peace of mind.

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Why everyone on TRT doesn’t do this, bewilders me. I couldn’t imagine going on TRT for years and having to go cold turkey for whatever reason.


I’m not even sure what UGL is…lol…I’ll have to Google.

I’m talking Test Cyp and Test Ethanate.

I was told “Covid and Olympics” coming up as to why the supply is basically turned off.

I’m leaning more toward Covid as the reason.

Under ground lab. The home baked shit lol.

Yeah im thinking covid too.

Well the obvious answer is Covid has shutdown a lot of international trade. Even though we typically only think of China as a source for UGL or Under Ground Lab’s raw steroid powder, China in fact is responsible for just about all of the pharmacological production. In one way or another. I don’t KNOW if watson goes and buys their raw testosterone cypionate powder directly from china but if they don’t then they buy the stuff that they use to make the test cyp from China.

Just for an example, I bought some electronic stuff from a source in China back around early May. Now at the time china was claiming they had the covid under control and trade was open. Well they sent me a tracking number and it was close to two months before it moved then it was “moving” for about another month.

I can also share that I have contacted sources in China that I have used before just to see what they expected as far as delay. They claim trade is up and going, don’t worry, it is all good but there is “some” delay… This was the response when I specifically asked what is the timeframe for door to door at that current time.

So if it took three months for electronics (keep in mind things were hairier back then) I don’t even want to think about something that has to be “special checked” for clearance by the one guy they can bribe for the rubber stamp. Of course if they were straight up just packaging and sending, just hoping it will make it through without any “help” then maybe three months is still somewhat close.

I was able to get my Testosterone script refilled (yesterday). Not sure if the global situation is fixed, though.

It seems to be slow but arriving. CVS was a few days late but eventual. Walmart is in stock atm.

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