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Anyone Not Use a Training Log?


Does anyone no longer/never use a training log or track workouts? Still knowing what you will be hitting with an idea of the routine but, not writing down exercises, sets, reps, …


I started keeping one again recently.


I keep track of my training maxes and what I managed to actually lift. I find this valuable. Otherwise it can be hard to know if you’re progressing - I dont know about you but I can finish a hard set and swear I was doing more 3 months ago only to find I am lifting more lbs for more reps haha

I don’t keep track of things like rows, chins and arm work. I just try to make it feel like the muscle is going to catch fire and be done with it.

But I am not a bodybuilder. I have the stuff I care about (I keep an eye on this) and the stuff I do to prevent shit fucking up (I don’t keep an eye on this)


I don’t anymore. I used to, but now I can just remember that shit. Like, how hard is it really to remember what you benched a week ago?


Well, how many times did you rep 225? 235?

Or, are you just running SS and know that this week you’re 3x5 @ last week plus five?

I mean really Bro, what’s your periodization? Is it waves or undulating?

Man, you’re such a fucktard, you’re probably doing lateral raises for your delts too.



lol, well the bench is easy to remember because last week it was 0kg and next week it’ll most likely be 0kg too. I don’t need a log for that…

funny you should say that; I know you’re not being serious but I do actually have a serious answer. For the first time ever I decided to try and “periodise” (I don’t know if that’s even what you’d call it) my training volume. So for 4 weeks I just did my usual day on/day off style, then after that I added an extra day for arms and shoulders, then after 2 weeks of the 4 days a week training I started doing DC style rest-pause sets for my main lift, then after 2 weeks of that I added drop sets to my main accessory lift, then after 2 weeks of that I added an occlusion training protocol to my arms day. Now I’m going to keep the calories as high as they’ve been but drop back to the day on/day off training without the intensity techniques.

I increased calories every time I increased the training volume, too.

So suck it! I do actually have a sort of periodisation! Ha! Bet you weren’t expecting that.

And of course I do laterals. It’s only natty lifters that can’t recover from those. Juiced up meatheads like me can just pump away with the 15k 'bells.


You fucking Euros always fuck up the z with an s, it’s periodize Bro, duh!

Dog Crapp? Daniel Cormier? WTF bro?

How do you do this? Is it just surgical tubing that you use to pop a vein or is it some other way, I really want to know.

Once again, you fail to address me properly. You should have written, “So suck it Bitches!”

Man, I just have this vision of a skinny, ripped dude that is smart as fuck sitting in a dark room with a Machiavellian plan to control the world, who is trying to figure out how to manipulate @dt79 to do your dirty work.

No pics, no evidence you even lift other than really smart comments. Dude, you’re a cipher, lol!


In the off season I don’t use a clipboard, during a prep I do because generally it helps me move through the workout a little faster if I know exactly what weight I started with last time, easier to keep track of strength increase/decrease. I can also write little notes down like how long the session took, how strong/good I felt throughout, etc.


So, obviously, I was just fucking with @Yogi1. He’s actually way smarter than I (see, I used the subjective case there - take note).

I never really made any progress until I started keeping a log and adding reps or weight. Not that I am making any progress now, but I am making more no progress than the old no progress.

Does that make any sense?

Yeah, no, but I think you get me.


Huh? I only periodize and log my drug cycle. Training? What’s the point? All I have to do is up my dose for results. Common sense brah!

Regarding side raises, I found that I can do them and make gainz although I’ve been off cycle for 9 months. Since I’m still not natty, I have no explanation for this other than I’m now a Daywalker.


Wait till you get my age…


I always use it, everyday in the gym. I have a unique periodization program, and I aim to beat my numbers from my past workout every time I go in. Usually I do, and I know that times like when I stop dieting and suddenly I am stronger I do not push myself as hard mentally without knowing I have to beat a number.


Nope. I can remember PRs. I’m better at auto regulating without one, oddly. A log just tends to instill a “must beat previous number or die!” mentality in me, which just isn’t working anymore. And maybe that’s fine for benching, or squatting… but definitely not for tricep extensions and facepulls.


Interesting topic. I have been going without a training log for about 18 months now. What I do miss is the benefit of writing down a goal and it reminding you of what you working out for.

Related: after 18 months in the wilderness my t-nation training log is about to make a comeback. Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Bird Cage”.



Relevant quote from Wendler just yesterday:
"Best book on training ever written: your training log.

If you don’t keep a detailed, written training log, you are wrong. I can’t tell you how important this is for success. Simply put, if you don’t keep one, you just don’t give a shit."

You’re a trainer, no? (I’m pretty sure, but am having an ironically timed brain fart). Juggling clients’ sessions and worknotes always seemed to interfere with trying to commit my own stuff to memory. Wasn’t worth getting anything scrambled, so I always kept a log.

To be fair though, I rarely review old logs once they’re done. I record the day’s session as it happens and refer back to the last time something like that session was done (for weight/rep PRs, etc.), but I hardly ever flip through old logs to track down patterns like assistance exercises that work well.


was in the past, not currently, but probably will be again someday. I always logged every single thing my clients did, although I sometimes got my shit mixed up. My clients used to hit a LOT of accidental PRs because I’d added 10k when I was supposed to only add 5…


Not using a training log is a foreign concept for myself.


“Accidental PRs” or you’re just that damn good. Either way. Ha.