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Anyone Not Look as Big in Winter?


I've always noticed this, but this winter especially. This is not a thread about me. So please, no asking of pics. This is just a general question to see if anyone else notices this.

My strength levels are all going up, almost weekly, but my size seems less obvious.


That's weird, but I too am noticing how shitty I look lately in spite of all my lifts going up.
I assumed it COULD be because I need to increase my protein a bit.


It's Christmas time. Just accept that you will always get fat and more jolly this time of year since you defected from the North Pole.

You can't hide anymore, dwarf.


naw, strength is up, appetite is up, appearance is fucking amazing and flawless.

I get screaming heyooge and sexy in the wintertime.

it's a Viking thing, you wouldn't know anything about it.

it's the summer, where I start looking flat and puffy, may have something to do with beer and overall summer lazyness.

by the way, could you post some of your summer/winter pics so we can make a real determination?


You can expect a lump of coal this year.


Cold makes me hungry.


The winter really affects the lighting I get in front of my computer, so yeah.



Thats better than that lump of shit I got last year. :confused:


Well, somebody was a bad boy last year!


People are usually wearing increasingly more clothes around this time of year.


Exuse me! But, do you know how much shit I had to go through.... literally, just to find THE PERFECT lump of shit for you?!?! WTF?!?!

Let me guess.... you re-gifted that shit, didn't you?!?!

I KNEW I should've gotten you a fucking Applebees gift card...... dick.


wow. indignant tiger is indignant.


You kidding me?

Look how big I looked last winter!


Could it be that you're not wearing a wife beater during winter time?

Also, do you make enough money to cough up 20$ for a good web cam, take some proper pics and put all the haters to rest?


Applebee's?? Either way, he's still getting shit.


Motherfucking this. With the caveat that I actually leaned out last summer but usually, yeah...

Vinteren er bare for sej!


A tan makes a very big difference too.


I'm sorry, but Derek isn't worth no Olive Garden gift card. Plus, I don't have the funds to afford the upper class places like OG or even TGI Friday's.

He don't appreciate any shit from me, obviously.


Damned straight.