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Anyone Not Have Low T and Do TRT Level Doses for the Benefits?

I’m quite certain I do not have low T as I have none of the signs…but I am 45 now and test is reducing slowly and will continue to do so.
It seems like the more I read on TRT forums, there are likely benefits for those who do not have low T. I know officially it is T"Replacement"T, but many are doing enough test to put themselves in peak 20’s test levels or beyond. I have an interest in doing that for the added benefits of even more energy, cognitive enhancement, ability to add muscle and cut fat, more motivation, etc.
If the average healthy male produces about 50mg usable test, there have to be benefits to normal, healthy T guys bringing up to optimal peak levels and slightly beyond I would think.
Does anyone do this?
Also, I know this is supposed to be lifelong, but does anyone cycle on and off TRT if you did not start with low T to preserve natural levels or maybe there are other benefits of non-continuous TRT?

Sorry, meant to post this in the TRT section. Please move if possible and if appropriate to post this thread there. Thanks!

It’s most appropriate here.

The T Replacement forum is for TRT… which treats a medical condition. Injecting testosterone recreationally, as opposed to using it medically, is most appropriate for the Pharma section.

In your other thread (quick side note, it’s not necessary or recommended to bounce between Pharma and TRT trying to get opinions on your protocol), you were planning to do a low dose cycle without even knowing your current T levels.

It’s very possible, based on your age alone, that straigh-forward TRT would be appropriate for you. If you don’t have low T, then be clear, using “TRT-level doses” is just a euphamism for running a very low dose steroid cycle, with the same risk/reward associated.

Again, if you don’t have low T to begin with, then substitute the word “steroids” for “TRT” in the quoted text above and you’ll have your answer.

Once you’ve started taking testosterone, your natural production will be shut down, doesn’t matter if that natural level was high or low to begin with, you’re now at the mercy of whatever you’re injecting. It’s not like you’re stacking more T on top of your natural T. So if you have naturally high T levels and want to take a TRT dose, say 200mg weekly, you’ll likely get all the benefits of a low T guy doing that same dose.

OK, I understand. Thank you for your reply. I am not sure which (TRT or cycling) is more what I’m looking for due to benefits and risk/reward of each, so I am reading as many experiences and reports to make an educated decision. I would rather over educate and wait, than jump into something and regret later. But since I have this 2 year window of time, I am trying to make a decision sooner rather than later. My first thought of short cycle + low dose + short PCT seems to not be a good solution, so I am reevaluating now…

That is why you get blood work done to confirm whether or not you need to go on TRT.


As Jaykay said… you would be smart to get bloodwork first. TT, FT, E2, SHBG, LH, FSH at a minimum. If you’re truly low T a good TRT program would do you wonders.

I don’t think I am low T as mentioned (not having any noticeable symptoms), but of course I will not know for sure until blood work is done. I am in a foreign country (don’t speak the language well enough myself), so my wife is looking for private places to figure out cost and ability to get this info.

Yeah but you only get one shot to KNOW what your natural baseline is. Once you start injecting test you can’t find out anymore that’s why its worth it to get the labs even if its a pain.

Yes, that is a very good point.