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Anyone Need MAG-10?

I have 2 of the large bottles that are collecting dust. If you are intrested pm and we can arrange something.

I had a huge bottle was going to sell it but stupid me left it in the heat. Should of stored it in the freezer.

best bet is to put it in the fridge…

I thought Cy Willson a while back said to freeze it if you don’t plan on using it before the expiration date. That brings up another question. How Accurate are those expiration dates on the bottles of MAG-10? And what happens if you consume them after those dates? Less potent?

[quote]Velvet Revolver wrote:
best bet is to put it in the fridge…[/quote]

Actually, Cy and Bill roberts have both recommended freezing MAG-10, and 4-AD-EC, if it is not going to be used anytime soon.

It’s a good idea to keep things cold during long term storage, since warmth can act as a catalyst for the type of chemical reactions that spoil a bottle of MAG-10. It also may not be a good idea to sell MAG-10 over the internet since it’s in the same category as all the other anabolic steroids now.