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Anyone Near MD/VA/DC With A Truck


I sent TrainerinDC a PM but I'll do some fishing here too.

Does anyone know anyone in the area with a pickup truck? I have to move a queen bed about 30 miles from someone's apt. to my place in Gaithersburg, MD and I don't feel like spending 100 bucks on a UHaul.

I move in on the 18th of July. So I would appreciate any help that week.

Plus, I have no friends in the area so it'd be great to meet other lifters.



Good luck with that. Usually real friends with trucks are hesitant to do this at first.

You could rent a ford truck from enterprise for a day. I would never rely on a stranger.


Yeah you're right. What am I thinking.

Anyway, I will be lifting at Gold's Gym in Gaithersburg when I move in. I'll be at the corner squat racks after work frequently if anyone else works out there.


Hi, I'm Buffalo Bill. I got a van if you'd like.


Watch out for those guys with vans. Especially if they have a rolled up carpet in the back.


Well I'm in Gaithersburg...but I only have Jeep Cherokee...Hit me up anyway.