Anyone Miss the Sound of Iron?

All the gyms these days have rubber coated plates. I really miss the sound of the iron tapping together. Anyone else reminisce?

My gym has iron plates. Except when I deadlift im required to use rubber plates and mats so people dont complain about the noise so much, actually the pt’s and the other people dont care, its just the management

My gym is old. We have plenty of iron. I’m pretty sure the 45’s range +/-3lbs though. If the rubber plates are always right on, I would prefer them. I do actually really like the holes in the rubber plates.

I do love the sound of the iron, though.

[quote]nz6stringaxe wrote:

I do love the sound of the iron, though.[/quote]

Glad I’m not the only one. I use to love that sound while benching.

My gym has full metal plates, we don’t have any rubber ones although at times I
wish we did because of some of the people just abusing the shit and creating
noise equal to a car crash. I like the sound of the normal clanging like when you
load up the plates and rep it but I don’t like the sound of people throwing
the shit around trying to be hardcore.

it was cool when benching/squatting but idk it leaves me with more of a headache than anything else really.

500 pounds is still 500 pounds, whether its rubber Eleiko plates or iron 45’s

I miss it all day…until I get to the gym and hear the wonderful sound as I’m walking up to the door still in the parking lot. Its like music. :slight_smile: