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Anyone Make their own Sauerkraut?


After reading the stuff from TC and the recent post on The Food That Changes Your Life I have decided to give it a go. The stuff in the refrigerated section of the grocery store is expensive and it seems to come and go practically overnight so I can’t find the same stuff I bought last time.

I’ve done some research and am going to make my first batch tomorrow. Anyone else make their own and have any recipes they prefer as far as ingredients go? I know traditional sauerkraut is cabbage and salt and nothing else, however I think this recipe that includes both carrots and garlic will be what I use for my first batch.


You might also consider pickles and kimchi.
Both are fermented, share many benefits and are more abundant in common stores at least here in Europe.


Thanks for the reply! I will almost certainly ferment pickles as I like them quite a bit. I’ve tried Kimchi and it just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps I will get give it a go and make some on my own, I’m just not a fan based on the stuff I’ve bought in stores.


I am going to do it soon too, as presented in the article.


I hope you like Reubens and brats , the canned is pretty cheap.
Rogan drinks a kumbuci tea every day, aquired taste.
Von weiner schnitzel.


Ha ha, definitely helps having in-laws with German ancestry, although my father in law cooks the sauerkrat which kills all the good stuff that makes it healthy. I have tried kombochu and was not a fan, particularly not thrilled about choking down the loogies that are oh so healthy for you. I was able to deal with it but it seems like it’s too much of a hassle between cost and keeping it on hand and feeling like you are drinking someone’s snot. I do like sauerkraut and the refrigerated store bought stuff works nicely as a side/garnish for pork chops. I’ll probably have a small serving with breakfast and dinner.


Yep I did it, pretty cool.

I would recommend doing it.

Finding the right containers and pushing the cabbage below the water is the issue.


Cool, I have made two batches thus far. I make them in half gallon mason jars and have finished one of them already. I eat it with dinner and have a system where I ferment one container while I eat the finished product in the other container. I can get through a half gallon container in about one month which works out perfectly for fermenting the other batch.


The boys like tons of garlic n ginger. The girls like ginger and Thai hot peppers