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Anyone Make His Own Pre-Workout?

Buy different powders from china in bulk and mix them at home? Like beta-alanine, citrulline malate, bcaa…

I do. It’s easier to pick shit that works that way and add in or leave out stimulants if needed. Also you don’t have to ponder that proprietary blend bullshit.

Edit: I don’t order my stuff from China however. I get what I need from companies that I trust will deliver what I pay for. Luckily in Finland and in Europe in general, supplements are quite often well tested.

Do you know if the companies you order your stuff from are the one who manufacture the product? They might just be importers too. Trade is evolving and sometimes you don’t have to order big quantities from factories in china anymore.

The thing is I am not well versed in the different grades and purities you can order yet.

I personally train fasted in the AM and semi fasted in the PM (4-5 hours after lunch) Weights, circuits, carries etc 3-4 times a week in the AM, various Muay Thai drills, technique, bag work and sparring all the other times.

2-3g of HMB, 4-5g Citrulline Malate and 1-2g of A- Carnitine - about 30-60 minutes pre. This combo doesn’t raise insulin like BCAA (leucine on particular)

Usually BCAA and fruit PWO

Works for me and my goals. I generally eat around 170g protein, 200g - 300g cabs and 50g fat per day (am around 175lbs with what I would describe as 'blurry but visible abs) ;0)